Not your ordinary bartender...

From the back streets of Kawangware to serving premier coffee in the elite circles of Nairobi; Collins Ambani has come from far. PHOTO|DENNIS ONSONGO

What you need to know:

  • Starting out as a steward, cleaning dishes and counters, Ambani began his career at the bottom of the food chain. Fresh from college, no one could trust him with the delicate art of making the expert cup.
  • The clientele that patronises five and four star hotels are well travelled and often well aware of the standards of specialty coffee.
  • As such, the management places a high premium in sourcing the highest quality of inputs and staff to prepare its meal.

To a casual onlooker, he is just a waiter going about his business pouring and mixing drinks. But Collins Ambani is more than that. He is a barista and mixologist at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Westlands. To put it simply, he is a master craftsman, who, through his expertise, formulates and serves drinks professionally to clients who appreciate such finesse.


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