Mr Survivor: How I lost my palace to the Queen


My moniker is Mr Survivor, and I shall certainly survive the current dishonour.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

What you need to know:

  • To cut the long story short, Queen has successfully deleted and obliterated me from the short and long term memories of the inhabitants of Happy Valley, not just as a resident but also as the owner of the Palace.
  • I am simply saying that although I am the registered owner of the parcel of land on which the Palace stands, I am not in any way being associated with it when people refer to the development therein.
  • Actually, and painfully so, I am now being referred to about Queen or part of any of her developments in the Palace.

When I resumed normal husbandly and fatherly responsibilities at the Palace after three weeks of emotional absence and technical, physical visitations, I found the Palace different from the one I had left.


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