Why wooden Juniper is all time stop spot

Wooden crates and tables under the fairy lights in Juniper's garden PHOTO | JAN FOX

What you need to know:

  • “It may be called Juniper Kitchen but I don’t really picture it as a restaurant. This is based on the timing of my visits. I haven’t had a chance to sample their food. I have heard it is a good spot for brunch, so next time I will visit it at 11am on a Sunday rather than 11pm on a Saturday and swop cocktail for coffee.”
  • As a result, it also has a diverse clientele and it is popular with the expat crowd that has ditched Havana and now seems to switch between Juniper and The Alchemist.”

‘What is it about Juniper?” Kwame asked when I was at his Steak Out restaurant a couple of weeks ago. “I mean, the place gets overcrowded every evening with many sitting on beer crates!’


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