Wanted: A house help who’s much shorter than me

Mwalimu Andrew and Fiolina

There were clothes all over. A heap of several pairs of green Kaunda suits that I had been wearing for the last one month lay next to the bed. The bed was not made.

Photo credit: Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • I am a great teacher, an accomplished administrator, a fantastic and talented speaker, a strategic thinker with excellent interpersonal skills coupled with rare creative writing abilities.
  • But you know God, He doesn’t give you everything. I am a terrible cook (the only thing I can prepare well is water for bathing).

Many of you know that my wife, the lucky laugh of my envious life Fiolina, has, since the year started, been staying in Kakamega, where she does a big sales job with a big company, leaving me here in the village.


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