Want affordable takeaway in Nairobi CBD? Here is just the right place

The Lunch Box, Kenyatta Avenue, CBD. Photo | Wendy Watta

What you need to know:

The Lunch Box, Kenyatta Avenue, CBD

There was a recent period where I had such a hectic project to do that I decided to book a co-working space in the CBD. Since I was so busy, I didn’t always have time to cook and therefore needed a place where I could get affordable and delicious food. Lunch was about the only time I had to think about food, and I had decided that I would go to a nearby supermarket that had a deli and order something within a set budget. While walking there on my second day, however, I stumbled upon The Lunch Box. I mostly noticed this place because it has a vertical shawarma grilling right in full display of Kenyatta Avenue, and there seemed to be a long queue. My theory is that whenever you see people queuing at a restaurant, the food is probably good, so I decided to check them out. 

For Sh300 you can get either biryani, pilau, beef stir fry, chicken curry, mbuzi fry, shawarma, mshikaki and more. Then for Sh100 you can either have dishes like white rice, chips, two sausages, or add a few more shillings for a burger or hot dog. It sounded like a bargain to me. It looks like a food truck, and there’s a section on the side where you can sit to eat, but a lot of people seemed to be getting takeaways. 

I tried their pilau, plain chips, chapati, chips masala and shawarma for a short period. The food is decent, and the portions are huge- I often found myself eating only half of the pilau. The shawarma tasted good, but the wrap holding it all together was never really strong and would come apart every time I ordered it, which I was never thrilled about. The place is popular with the lunch crowd from surrounding offices in the CBD, so expect to queue, or for the service to be slow sometimes. I found the staff to be really friendly though, which is a plus. Overall, if I’m ever back in the CBD and need a place to eat, I would add this to my roster every now and then, especially for the affordability. 


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