The Beer District: What price has to do with world-class beer

Grilled Chicken Burrito from The Beer District, Delta Tower, Westlands, Nairobi. Photo | Pool

What you need to know:

The Beer District, Delta Tower, Westlands, Nairobi

Westlands seems to be a hub for the craft beer trend. There’s Brew Bistro’s microbrewery in Fortis Tower, Bila Shaka Tap Room at Sarit Centre, and now The Beer District in Delta Tower. They opened in November 2022 and are located where Nyama Mama used to be. 

The restaurant is airy with modern Afrocentric themes. There’s a glass table at the right corner showcasing the ingredients used in their beers (coffee beans, barley seeds) and a wall of fame. A blackboard at the bar lists their flagship beers including Niaje, Mura Tatu, and Sand Trap. 

The Beer District: What price has to do with world-class beer. Photo | Pool

I am not a beer drinker so the whole craft experience is wasted on me. I only know Guinness and Tusker. So, if you’re looking for an in-depth analysis of the type of beers they offer, you’re fresh out of luck. I did try their popular IPA called Sand Trap and to my unsophisticated tastes, it was as juicy as they claim. The mango and orange flavours came through beautifully in the aroma and aftertaste. You can sample any five beers for Sh850 shillings or 10 beers for Sh1600.

The food menu is comprised of bar snacks and pub grub that balance out a night (or day) of drinking. Think wings, burgers, burritos, and loaded fries. If you feel your meal could do with a bit of green, they have two salad options you can choose from – Cesar and Chopped Wedge salad.

However, it was the breakfast menu that took me to The Beer District. Particularly, the chicken and waffles. Unfortunately, the waffle maker wasn’t working so I had to settle for the grilled chicken burrito and loaded omelette. The omelette was a delight to eat with the bacon. The chicken burrito was elevated from ok to tasty by the barbeque sauce that came with it. 

Other breakfast offerings include crepes and a classic breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast. 

The service was good. The wait staff were proactive, informing me how far along my order was. I don’t imagine this is something they can do when at capacity but it’s a nice touch. 

The Beer District boasts of crafting world-class Kenyan beers so expect world-class prices. But is the price worth it? Many online beer drinkers seem to think so, touting the Sand Trap and Nitro Stout. I may not be a beer convert but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at another pint of the fruity IPA. I also think the food is worth the price. 


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