Women are drawn to those dominant, competitive, risk taking men because they’re the ones who become rich and famous.

| Samuel Muigai | Nation Media Group

Same sad ending for nice men and the rogue ones

It used to be that men had all the power in a marriage, but these days couples are much more equal. Modern men help look after the kids and cook. And they’re much more emotionally intimate and supportive of their wives.

Yet half of all marriages still end in divorce. And it’s still mostly the wives who initiate them – even though most women these days have husbands who’re exactly the sort of men their grandmothers dreamt of. So why would you leave a man like that?

It’s because equality in a relationship is a great idea, but what women really want is much more complex. They love men who’re willing to talk about their feelings, but deep down they also crave the strong silent type. And want a man who’s a winner amongst men. Who will protect and provide. And be sexually exciting.

Because those lovely modern men who do housework can become boring, compared to more traditional, masculine men.

Household chores

So much so, that when guys help with the household chores, then the couple’s sex life generally goes flat. Somehow wives are happier in bed when the division of labour goes along more traditional lines.

OK, maybe a few women really do think that their husband are sexy smoothing the sheets. But not many. More women go weak at the knees when he shows his muscles and gets sweaty. And so equality in relationships doesn’t necessarily drive lust.

This is because while women always say that they want a husband who’s kind, faithful, and a good father, they’re also attracted to traditionally masculine men who are more spontaneous, passionate and exciting. Tall, confident, ambitious and resilient men, who never slouch or fiddle with their clothes, hair or face.

Traditional men very rarely smile, and they make totally fearless eye contact. They never gush over girls or show their feelings. They know what women want, and despite being arrogant and manipulative, definitely get more of the action.

So even though they’re obviously dangerous, women’s eyes are drawn to a highly masculine man. And his posh car. And the way he throws his money around. And his brilliant sense of humour. In fact, you can even predict how many women a man has slept with by how good his jokes are!

Risk taking

Women are drawn to those dominant, competitive, risk taking men because they’re the ones who become rich and famous. All behaviours associated with high testosterone levels. So they’re also attracted to the features of a man’s appearance which signal high levels of male hormones. Heavier bones, a chiselled face, and the classic “tough guy” shape.

Exciting, dominating, respected by men as well as by women, you can see why they’re sought after. They’re much more likely to reach the boardroom. And the bedroom. Characteristics he’ll pass on to his children.

But they’re also more likely to have affairs, have seriously bad attitudes towards women, and are much more likely to mistreat their wives. And so women divorce them too!