My attempt at a seven-course meal at Nairobi Street Kitchen

Lamb Barbacoa Tacos & Oyster Mushroom Tacos. Photo | Pool

What you need to know:

Nairobi Street Kitchen, Mpaka Road, Westlands

A marshal of friends from South Africa decided to jet into the country, thanks to Kenya-South Africa’s new treaty of no visa that took effect on January 1st, this year.
They were eager to sample everything that Nairobi has to offer in a span of three days.

I quickly suggested Nairobi Street Kitchen.

Whether it’s for a special celebration, drinks with friends, or a business lunch, the eclectic collection of Nairobi Street Kitchen restaurants bars and entertainment spaces always set the perfect mood for any occasion. 
Not being a fan of Nairobi eateries due to their dense carbs menu, I was here for the drinks and catch-ups.
Kea (my friend) never hosts friends for drinks without food and so she ordered a seven-course meal for each six of us. Yes, you read that right!
We picked a spot at the Si Senor, a lively colorful space with vibrant art serving fresh-made corn tacos and a signature margarita bar. Si Senor mini-restaurant uses homegrown Mexican chillies, fresh local produce and imported spice to bring you authentic flavours of old Mexico.
A waiter showed up serving us the first bite—a set of two burgers, chicken and beef. One friend complained about the chicken burger and so I stayed away and instead devoured the beef burger. It was okay. Nothing unusual.
Ten minutes later the second waiter appeared with the second biting of the night, Shrimp Noodles.

shrimp Chicken Noodles. Photo | Pool

Despite being a small biting of about seven spoons it was fulfilling. I didn’t like it though, a combination of chicken and seafood has never been my thing.
A few minutes later a different waiter served us well-marinated chicken wings coated with honey and some sauce. This was probably the most enjoyable bite. 

Then came the Pani Puri, an Indian snack. The popular Indian street food is made of a potato shell, onions, chickpeas, and coriander chutney stuffed with crispy puri drenched in sour and spicy mint flavoured water. It easily fills the mouth taking taste buds in a journey of heaven or hell, I am still not sure.
My stomach started to swell when the fifth waiter showed up with Lamb Barbacoa tacos and Oyster mushroom tacos.  

Pani Puri Indian Street Snack. Photo | Pool

“We make our tacos from fresh ground maize flour,” the waiter explained.
At this point, I had had enough. I switched to enjoying my cocktails.
I never anticipated such small bites would have taken a toll on my stomach. And to think that they were considered whole meals is even confusing.
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