How I got a signed memoir from Mandela

ILLUSTRATION | JOHN NYAGA An autobiography of Mandela arrived by courier service.

What you need to know:

  • One of the many things I have decided to do in my retirement is to read all the many books I had no time to read before. I was too engrossed in the art of wielding the scalpel and the pen to indulge in the art of reading.
  • For many years, I was on call for emergencies every Tuesday at the hospital where I did my private work. So when my phone rang one Tuesday evening in 1990, I thought it was the usual “call of distress” from the doctor in Accident & Emergency. There was a stranger on the line.

“Are you enjoying your retirement from surgery?” asked a young lady while we recently holidayed at our favourite resort on the North Coast of Mombasa for our joint family Christmas and New Year’s holidays.


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