Dudi Resort Restaurant: The modern, cottage-style hotel along Busia Kisumu Highway

Stuffed chicked and fries served at Dudi Resort Restaurant along the Busia – Kisumu Highway. Photo | Maryanne Owiti

What you need to know:

Dudi Resort Restaurant

Tucked behind the fields and trees along the Busia – Kisumu Highway is the Dudi Resort. It is a modern, cottage-style hotel, reminiscent of a safari or beach resort but without the thatched aesthetic. 

The restaurant is on the right side of the property, with obscured views of a brilliantly blue pool.  It is in the indoor/outdoor style with canvas shades that can be pulled up or down depending on the weather. The space is well-organised, with no more than twelve garden tables spread out in a semi-circular shape of the dining area. 

The first thing you will see is a well-stocked bar with all the basic favourites in all categories and some surprising options in the wine section. You can order drinks by the tot/glass or bottle but be sure to confirm with the servers because some brands (mainly the high-end ones) are only available by the bottle. 

The second thing you will notice is the warm and friendly welcome. I was seated immediately and had my order taken within a minute of arriving.  Granted I was the only customer, but I have been in similar situations and waited five minutes to be served despite being the only customer. 

You get the impression that this small hotel in the middle of the village services an urban, if not continental clientele - I can count on one hand the restaurants I’ve visited where the waiter actually recommends the restaurant’s chef specials. These are usually upscale establishments. 

The menu is primarily continental. They have two full breakfast options, wings, burgers, skewers, ribs, and chops. The day’s specials were butter tilapia, herb steak, and stuffed chicken breast. The prices are budget-friendly. The most expensive item is Sh2000, and it is a kilogram of meat. 

I order the chicken breast stuffed with onions, garlic, thyme, and cheese. It is a triumph. The breaded skin crust is golden and crispy and the chicken breast inside is moist, flavourful, and aromatic. You can smell and taste the herb seasoning in a gentle medley of yum. And at Sh600, I could have ordered a second helping.

So what’s not to like? The wait for the food is very long. I’m convinced they killed the chicken when I made the order or they only have one burner. Think an average of one hour. Even though the meal warranted a second helping, I was not prepared to wait another hour. It's a good thing the drinks are affordable so that you’re well on your way to being drunk when the food is finally served.


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