Are you a couple or single? Here are the best ideas on how to celebrate Valentines

Are you a couple or single? Here are the best ideas on how to celebrate Valentines. Photo | Photosearch

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There's something to suit everyone, from romantic dinners at home or in a restaurant to weekend getaways and Galantines brunch

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and it can be difficult to know what to do. Especially if you are on a tight budget and don't want to blow your budget on an extravagant gesture to express your affection to your significant other. This special holiday should be celebrated whether you are single or in a relationship! The following recommendations for Valentine's Day activities are relevant for both couples and singles. There's something to suit everyone, from romantic dinners at home or in a restaurant to weekend getaways and Galantines brunch. These activities will make Valentine's Day remarkable and exciting regardless of your relationship status.

One of the five love languages is gifting which is a good idea especially when you get the right gift. This can range from jewellery, art, shoes, wine, a bouquet, or a customised gift basket. Gifting Kenya and Luxe Confetti offer wonderful gift packages that your partner will adore from as low as Sh700.

This week, hotels and restaurants are offering several deals and special packages for couples. It is a perfect time to try out a new cuisine or visit a new restaurant altogether. With the booming number of restaurants in Nairobi, you will be spoilt for choice. But, since it is peak season, reservations are the best way to get a table to avoid disappointments. For Sh9,000 you can attend a masquerade Valentine's party at Nyama Choma Ranch Restaurant at the Safari Park Hotel. With a welcome cocktail on arrival, roses, chocolates, an exquisite romantic meal with a bottle of wine, and a live entertainment performance by the renowned Weavers Band hosted by Comedian Dr. Ofweneke, you will sweep your loved one off their feet. A spectacular and enchanting performance by their in-house Safari Cat dancers and acrobats will crown the night. 

Alternatively, Coffee Casa restaurant in Parklands is offering a three-course meal with a glass of wine for Sh3,000 per couple while Mawimbi Seafood restaurant is offering a 7-course dinner for Sh6,500 per person. 

But, if you prefer to stay at home and relax, an intimate spa day complete with face masks, bubble baths, and scented candles would be ideal for romance. Preparing a home-cooked meal together can also be a good activity to participate in. It will be an amazing bonding session and you will spend less money. Crown it with a movie marathon and cuddles. 

Travel enthusiasts like myself would appreciate a relaxing weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. To reduce travel expenses and fatigue, a simple staycation within the city would be sufficient. Due to the crowds, do not limit yourself to Valentine's day; instead, schedule it for one of the other weekends in February. Particularly the weekend following Valentine's. Many vacation resorts, Limuru, Kajiado, and Kitengela make good holiday destinations. Travel agents can also customise an itinerary just for you, both within and outside of the city.

There is never a bad time to enjoy a picnic. This would be an excellent idea especially if you get a lovely garden like Kawamwaki farm in Tigoni. The farm has immense tea farms, rivers, and waterfalls which you can explore while riding horses for Sh1800 per hour. Another option is to have picnic organisers provide packages that include the décor, food, snacks, drinks, music, and in some cases, expert photographers to record your special moment. For as little as Sh3,500, picnics by Njoki can plan it for you.

Adrenaline junkies are not going to be left behind. How about bungee jumping, white water rafting, and zip lining at Sagana? If that’s too far, Ngong hills and The forest in Keraita would be the closest options. This can also include bike riding, hiking, and archery. Ngong hills offer relatively affordable pricing as they charge Sh500 for ziplining.

Finally, for the singles, a besties' dinner or movie date would be an ideal way to spend the day. You can have a galantine's date, a game night, or go out to celebrate your friendship with a spa date followed by brunch to catch up and bond. A shopping spree is also a fantastic idea. Treat yourself to something nice, such as new clothes, accessories, books, or whatever your heart desires! You can also get flowers for yourself.

Besides this, if you're feeling courageous, why not try something entirely new, such as taking dance lessons together at Artcaffe Britam Towers or Wine & Bottle in Westlands? They normally have dance class sessions every week whereby you will learn salsa, Rueda, Kizomba, and Bachata. Whatever activity you choose for Valentine's Day, remember to appreciate yourself as well as those around you!


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