Pawrenting: Grooming basics for your pet

Woman walking dog. Grooming is also a time to bond with your pet, so make it as regular as you can.

Photo credit: File

What you need to know:

  • As much as cats are clean, there are parts of the ears they will not reach.
  • Check the amount of dirt from the cotton balls, and if it is more than you normally see, they could be a sign of an ear infection.
  • Other infection signs could be a discharge, ears turning red, an odour or swelling.

There are several points of consideration when sprucing up a pet, one of them is, grooming. From their fur, ears, nails and eyes. Let’s start with their nails, always keep them short. Long nails can not only scratch you or your children when playing with the pet, but they also make it difficult for the pet to walk.


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