House helps are the glue that holds families together

During the Christmas break, I swapped my office job for one of domesticity because our house help was away on leave. 

What you need to know:

  • Domestic manager is one of the best listeners who have the capability to listen to any worries of your life.
  • She will save you from headaches that results from overwhelming household chores.

The house is in a filthy wreck. Piles of dirty clothes are scattered everywhere. I’m tripping on Ferraris, Jeeps and fire trucks in every corner of the house. Let’s not forget about the greasy utensils that never clear up from the sink when I get to feed the baby.

After a fine dine, I take a deep sigh of relief because I’m quite sure that the baby could use a forty winks. This turns out not to be the case. Incoming bomb alert!  The little, not so angelic “bumbum” of my two-year-old releases a deadly number two! Who has to clean it up? Mommy!

Where is my home’s rock and fortress?

Remind me one more time: why did she leave? She was a cheerful cherub sent from heaven, and we had lived together for a year.

Not until, one day, I decided to come home earlier than usual. I was met with an unpleasant surprise of my baby crying inconsolably alone.  Where is “Aunty Vava?” I wondered.

She later came back and her appearance told me all I needed to know. Her silky, flawless and well-straightened oiled hair said it all. Apparently, she had a spa date when she was supposed to be taking care of my son.  I reprimanded her but it didn’t seem to move her.  But why do we find it hard to live without them, even when their actions sometimes are gut-wrenching? Here are the reasons:

Additional pair of hands

Even if you know the ins and outs of the task, you need an additional pair hands to manage the work. The demanding job and timelines which drain most of your energy don’t leave you vigorous enough to clean the house and stay hygienic. Delegating tasks is the secret to living a happy and balanced life.

Forever available ‘Aunty Vava’

She is one of the best listeners who have the capability to listen to any worries of your life. She never leaves you until you are appeased.

Besides, she not only knows what the baby likes, but also the exact quantities and to what degree of warmth is to his liking. As if this isn’t enough, she knows how “Baba Baby” likes his ugali and kienyeji prepared; and how to serve his tea: milk with no sugar. But be careful not to lose your sweet touch that gives you relevance as the woman of the house. If you know, you know!

Professional in management

Sweeping the floor or washing dishes is not as easy as it might seem. It will test your physical strength and you might take hours to wind up the work. But because house managers do these tasks routinely, they have a dab hand at managing the cleaning work; leaving your home looking spick and span. 

Live updates

She will keep you aware about the latest gossip and happenings in your neighbours’ lives. Who’s getting married? Who’s having an extra-marital affair? Who’s buying a new car and who’s planning to leave the country? The news will come to your doorstep, giving you a sense of belonging in the society although you are hardly present. However, there are two sides of a coin. Stay woke! Don’t be coming home to sneers or sympathy stares from “mama boy” and “mama baba” from the next door.

Me time and family time

Ever asked yourself when you should have a baby without hurting your career?

With the house manager around, your busy professional life won’t take a toll on your health and your married life. She will save you from headaches that results from overwhelming household chores. That way, you can spare some time for your spouse, your baby and even plan to join the gym, or other hobby classes.

That is why, the next saviour is on the way, ready to land in the city at crack of dawn! 


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