Bosire and Muthuri: We are partly to blame for school unrest

A dormitory goes up in flames at St Angelic Girls Secondary School in Meru on July17, 2016. 

Photo credit: Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • We have refused to address the issue of bullying in schools yet research has shown that 60-80 per cent of our children suffer some forms of bullying.
  • We cannot expect our children to uphold virtues like mercy, integrity, patience and kindness while all they see at home is the opposite.
  • The blame fairly lies with the sad nature of our society.
  • A society which instead of listening to the pleas of our children forces them to man-up, face their fears alone.

Most of Kenya's early  memories of public  primary school can be summed up with one word: Violence. It is ironic that as a society we are quick to point fingers at truant children, we are also to blame for normalising violence within households, communities and our learning institutions.


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