What to watch in 2021

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What you need to know:

  • This week, the most trending series are based on historical period, work settings.
  • Major character death alert!
  • Do not get too attached!

This week, the most trending series are based on historical period, work settings. Or as I would like to call them coming-to-age productions. However, we got broad minds in the film industry, comedy, action and romance based aspects still keep them classic. Let’s take a look at what’s trending. 


What is the fuss with this series? Netflix has rated it number 1 trending in Kenya. It is a 2020 release. I am sure you are wondering, what does Bridgerton mean right? The drama stars the Bridgerton royal family, back in London, in a historical drama setting. It is the social season, where balls and charity events are held. Daphne, the season’s incomparable ‘Debutante’ of the Bridgerton’s family, is out to seek the man of her dreams. But the big brothers are overprotective and intimidating to the suitors. 

The swoon-worthy, passionate, witty and emotional bit of this movie sells it out for me. Lady Whistledown also has juicy gossip and reveals unexpected secrets of wealth, lust and betrayal in the elite family. They are so passionate about love and marriage, and this lets you in, in England’s historical and ancient culture. Will Daphne have a happily ever after with the Duke of Hastings after turning down so many proposals? Also, you might want to stay alert for explicit sexual romantic scenes, not suitable for under 18 years.

The Office

We are back to work. As is the norm with ‘Office shenanigans’. This series is well suited for this current timing. The office is an adult-oriented comedy that paints a pretty bleak, but hilarious picture of corporate culture, mining most of its laughs from management faux pas.

What I like about it, is that it is realistic and relatable. The characters are also well developed, colourful, full of humour and mockery. They include ‘wannabe’ manager Dwight (Rainn Wilson), who runs the family beet farm when he's not functioning as the office hall monitor; cat-loving accountant Angela (Angela Kinsey), Dwight's former office flame; and 'everyman' Jim (John Krasinski), an underachieving sales rep who's in love with his co-worker Pam (Jenna Fischer). It is a 2005 release but still keeps you punching for more. Get a sneak peek during that 1-hour lunch break at the office today.

Leap year

Single ladies! This one is for you. Did you know that tradition states; a woman can propose to his man on the 29th of February, in a leap year without experiencing rejection? Well, now you know, stay woke come 2024. This movie is a 2010 release, but people seem to have discovered its gist last year and this year as well. It a romantic road film starring Amy Adams, who plays as Anna Brady. She decides to travel to Dublin, Ireland, to propose to her boyfriend Jeremy on February 29, a leap day. However, she faces several hindrances on her way to Dublin. But after meeting a charming innkeeper, she had to re-evaluate her choice.

What I liked about this movie is that it taught me how we need to let our destinations open to fate. At times our charms fail, just like Anna’s, but, let’s watch to know where her fate led her.

Suicide squad

Suicide squad 2 trailer is out, the movie itself is yet to be released this 2021. 

Major character death alert!

Do not get too attached!

But I wanted Harley Quinn to have a friendship with Deadshot. I want to see more female-male friendships in movies, especially in action movies. They actually had good chemistry going in the first movie. Oops! You haven’t watched Suicide squad 1, the 2016 movie? You do not know what you are missing. Get ready for some superhero action from the worst supervillains in the world. They were released from prison by the Secret Government. Their task was to stop an impending apocalypse in exchange for their freedom. Did they succeed? 

Queen’s Gambit

This is a 2020 mini-series, based on Walter Tevis book, with the same name. Critical acclaim goes to the lead character, Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays as Beth. Her parents passed away and she was taken to an orphanage, where she discovered her talent in chess playing. She matures into a competitive young adult, fueled by a desire to become the greatest chess player in the world. However, she was masking a growing addiction to the drugs and alcohol that allow her to function.

What I liked about this series was the immense courage she bared as she overcame sexism and discrimination. Her visualisation skills helped to prove that she is the strongest, lady chess player in the country. I still feel like the self-delusion of addiction should not have been presented as fact. But let’s see if she overcame her addiction at the end?


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