Elsa Majimbo

Elsa Majimbo, a Kenyan comedienne.

| Pool | Nation media Group

How Covid-19 changed Kenya’s comedy scene, and led to new crop of stars

What you need to know:

  • With the evolution from Churchill Show to TikTok, digital comedy could be the best thing to ever happen to performers.
  • Since Covid-19 is still with us, it is clear that comedians will now have to reinvent themselves.
  • Comedian Elsa Majimbo is a prime example of what tech-savvy, talented comedians can achieve using social media.

Almost all comedians will tell you that the last one year has not been good for them. You see, the industry, like all others, has suffered numerous setbacks, changing its outlook. Ambition and passion have now been replaced with depression and despair.


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