Faceless blogger Mwihaki Hinga threatens to continue exposing celebrity scandals

Faceless blogger

Faceless blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga says artistes make themselves easy prey for scandal.

Photo credit: Fotosearch

Martha Mwihaki Hinga, the faceless scandal buster of the Mt Kenya gospel industry, has ridiculed artistes she has exposed, saying they were easy prey because they are disorganised.

“I have exposed your naughty photos and videos...and majority are for women. This nude exchange culture is very risky...be careful if you must send them around,” Hinga cautioned.

The blogger, whose identity and gender are yet to be ascertained, said clerics and gospel artistes make themselves vulnerable to scandal by engaging in scandalous acts.

In a year-end ‘status report’, Hinga on Saturday posted that “contrary to what you might be thinking that I am your worst enemy, I am not.”

“In fact, I am one of your close friends, and I have been supporting your ministries all along. My work is to just publish juicy news to Kenyans, just like any other blogger or journalist.”

The only difference, Hinga explained, is that “I don't do it for money or fame, but to restore the integrity of our holy altar.”

This is executed “very carefully to ensure that what I publish is nothing but the truth”.

Hinga responded to people attacking her on various platforms over the exposes that she does not go around recording people, but people send her the content.

“The people you hang out with are the ones who have been feeding me with up-to-date stories about you,” the blogger says. “Your supporters and mipango wa kando (affair partners) are the ones who feed me with all your dark secrets.”

Hinga added that she will be on alert for information on married celebrities engaging in infidelity.

“My message is that they must remain very worried since I will keep tabs with technology available to shame the cheaters. When you leave your beloved wife/husband and go to your mpango wa kando's house, be very much afraid since you are being stalked from all corners,” the blogger said.

She warned that "your adultery can cause you to pay heavily and your reputation to get soiled. We are in an era where people have been installing secret cameras inside their houses. Today's media technology is so advanced that a bulb, a television, or artificial nails can be used to spy on you.”

“If you know that you are not the type to get satisfaction from your marital partner, then don’t marry. I don’t care about single people hanging out.”

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