Covid-19: Health ministry clears two more sanitisers

Patrick Amoth
Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

The Ministry of Health has approved two more sanitisers to complement the fight against Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

Director General for Health Dr Patrick Amoth said the clearance follows a successful efficacy test against SARS-COV2.

The move means that Kenyans are now free to use Zoono Z-71 Microbe-shield Surface Sanitiser and Zoono Germ Free 24 Hand Sanitiser after attaining efficiency rates of 100 per cent.

Zoono Group Limited of New Zealand who are represented in East Africa by M/S Concordia Solutions Limited manufactures the sanitisers, which are Benzalkonium Chloride based.

 “Through M/S Lannomatt Limited who are one of the key distributors of the sanitisers in Kenya, the Ministry sampled Zoono Z-71 Microbe-shield Surface Sanitisers from batch No. 050145 and Zoono Germ Free 24 Hand Sanitizer from batch No. 0027-0220 for review,” he said.

 Dr Amoth indicated that Zoono Z-71 Microbe-Shield Surface Sanitiser had an efficacy of 100 per cent against SARS-COV2 and all other micro-organisms for a period of 30 days.

On the other hand, added Dr Amoth, Zoono Germ Free 24 Hand Sanitizer had an efficacy of 100 per cent against SARS-COV-2 and all other micro-organisms for a period of 24 hours.

 “Based on the foregoing analysis, the Ministry has no objection in having the two products rolled out in Kenya in complimenting the Ministry's fight against Covid-19,” he said in a letter dated October 18.

He pointed out that the Ministry has been closely involved in all management aspects of the fight against the transmission of Covid-19 since its beginning in December 2019.

 “Part of the Ministry’s responsibility is to ensure that all the commodities used during this process meet the highest safety and quality standards in order to protect Kenyans against unscrupulous manufacturers and traders,” said Dr Amoth.

 The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) while banning a number of brands that do not meet specifications  last year cautioned that the use of non-compliant sanitisers could dupe Kenyans into a false sense of security that they have properly sanitised thereby undermining the efforts to slow the spread of Covid-19.

The standards body pointed out that sanitisers contain antiseptic properties or agents that when used disinfects the hands and can be used on their own when soap and water is not available.

Sanitisers protect users by eliminating or reducing viruses, bacteria and other disease-causing pathogens.


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