7 things parents of teenage boys can relate to

teenage boy with mother
The teenage years are a time when boys can feel like they’re invincible, and sometimes, it’s only natural for them to fight with their friends or siblings.

What you need to know:

  • Time alone
  • Messy rooms
  • Laziness and forgetfulness
  • Mood swings
  • Rebellious
  • Fights
  • Tough love 

Parenting a teenage boy can be tough. You have to deal with mood swings, bad attitudes, and lots of testosterone.

It may be difficult to know how to handle these situations because they might be happy one day, and the next, they are angry with you for no reason.

In this article, we discuss seven things that every parent of a teenage boy can relate to straight from someone who knows what it’s like first-hand!

If you’re a parent of teenage boys, these are just some things to keep in mind.

Time alone

This means not hovering around all the time or interrupting when he’s on his phone. Although they might not want to talk if they are in a bad mood, it does not mean that something is wrong with them for feeling this way. Letting him have some “me” time without trying to force conversation upon them can help show your teen boy you care and love what makes him tick!

Messy rooms

Teenage boys are usually some of the messier people in a household. It’s a common sight to see your teenage son playing video games on the couch, surrounded by dirty clothes worth more than you can afford in one month. They are not precisely tidy, and they don’t care about how their messiness affects anyone else, either. The worst part is that it does not matter what you say or do to them, if anything, making fun of it encourages them even more.

Laziness and forgetfulness

When you have a teenage son, it can be hard to keep up with his laziness or forgetfulness. But, they’re just kids going through the hormonal changes of puberty and not always thinking about what is essential at that moment in time- like schoolwork. So, be patient and understanding but don’t let them get away with this behaviour for too long because they will never learn how much responsibility there is when older.

Mood swings

Teenage boys go through many changes. Their hormones cause them to feel very emotional. They might have mood swings or be in a bad mood one day, then the next, they are happy again because of all these hormonal fluctuations that occur at such an impressionable stage in life.


A rebellious teenage boy can be a tough cookie to crack. They want the freedom and independence that they deserve but at the same time need guidance from their parents on how to live life properly as well. Teenage rebellion is such a natural process. However, even though it can be disruptive and troublesome for parents, they cannot blame themselves or their parenting skills.


The teenage years are a time when boys can feel like they’re invincible, and sometimes, it’s only natural for them to fight with their friends or siblings. As he matures in life, though, fights will happen less often as the need for testosterone decreases, his fighting instincts subside.

Keep an eye on your teenage boy and make sure that he is okay mentally too. This means making sure that if any issues or things are going on at home, school, work, etc., you need to address them with him, so it doesn’t worsen.

Tough love is okay

Remember that you are a parent, and sometimes tough love is needed, even if it means being firm or saying “no” more often than usual. Do not be afraid to show them who the boss is. Be patient with your teen boys. This is just a passing stage. These habits may be expected for most teen boys but remember that they could - sometimes - be under the influence of drugs. Be very keen and interrogate their behaviour.


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