How do I make my 15-year-old daughter love me?

mother daughter
It is very crucial that you look for ways to get closer to her without necessarily being harsh.

What you need to know:

  • You bought her gadgets and other ‘toys’ to keep her busy. It therefore indicates that you replaced your closeness with these things.

Q: I have a daughter who is turning 15. She has become so distant lately. Sometimes she is very rude. We provide everything for her. She has a phone, a laptop and other stuff just to keep her busy and happy, but she is very resentful even with extended family. It is becoming very difficult to understand her. I was forced to take away her phone to see if she will change and come to her senses but that is not changing her behavior. I often ask her if I have done anything wrong to her. I remind her of all that I have given her just for her happiness. All I want is to have a relationship with her again. I love her so much.


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