How sportswomen manage their menses

Some have their periods monitored by technical bench, others learn to deal with cramps just not to miss out on a game
How sportswomen manage their menses

What you need to know:

  • Despite being a serious issue, menstruation is little discussed in the sports circles.
  • Training is very tense, stimulates flow that pads get soaked up and you cannot get out of the training to go change.
  • We have clubs without sponsors, players don’t earn any allowances; so getting sanitary towels is a problem.
  • Studies have shown that menses negatively affect the performance of sportswomen. 
  • For the team manager of the national women’s rugby team, menstrual cycle of each player is unforgettable information.
  • CEO at Football Kenya Federation says discussions about menstruation lie “at the level of the coach and technical bench.”
  • Kenya Volleyball Federation Vice-President says they've demystified the idea of menstruation and senior players freely talk about it.

Menstruation may pass as a one-time monthly occurrence for a woman but for those in sports, this biological function has a bearing on their career and livelihood.


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