Tragic end for couple as wife kills husband before dying by suicide

Tragedy: Wife kills husband before dying by suicide

A woman reportedly killed her husband before hanging herself in Kamacuku village, Tharaka Nithi County.

The couple left behind three children.

The body of Moses Kirimi Mati, a Chuka University architect and head of the estates department, was found in a pool of blood in the parking lot of his homestead on Monday morning.

The body of his wife, Pamela Wanja, was discovered later hanging from the balcony of their four-storey building.

Next to Mr Mati’s body was a blood-stained metal rod believed to have been used to hit him on the head several times, fracturing his skull.

Murder suicide

Ms Charity Karimi, a friend of Mr Mati, said she and the couple had attended the same church for several years and she did not know about their domestic differences.

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Ms Wanja’s clothes and a Toyota double-cabin pickup parked near Mr Mati’s body also had bloodstains.

Police also discovered a suicide note believed to have been written by Ms Wanja before she hanged herself and apologising to their three children for the deaths.

Happened on Sunday night

Maara sub-county Police Commander Mohammed Jarso said CCTV footage at the building had captured the scuffle that happened on Sunday night.

“We have discovered a suicide note with the names of their three children and an apology and our preliminary investigations show that it was written by the wife before killing herself by hanging using a rope,” said Mr Jarso.

The officer said cases of spouses killing each other were on the rise in the region and urged married partners to separate instead of killing someone or resorting to suicide.

He said murder or suicide is not a solution to domestic differences because children and relatives are left suffering.

“This is a young family and the children who are in primary school have been left total orphans,” he said.

Chuka University management sent condolences to the family and encouraged members of staff with family disputes to seek counselling before things get out of hand.

"The university management has learned with great sadness and sorrow of the passing on of Arch. Moses Kirimi Mati who until his death this Monday was the university's Architect and Head of the Estates Department," said an internal memo signed by Prof Henry M' Ikiugu, the deputy vice-chancellor for administration, finance planning and development.

They also described the late architect as a social man who made friends with many people at the university and outside.

Residents said Mr Mati attended Sunday service at a church near Chuka University and the couple were later seen at a prominent hotel in Marima market full of joy.

Domestic differences

Ms Charity Karimi, a friend of Mr Mati, said she and the couple had attended the same church for several years and she did not know about their domestic differences.

“The two have been attending church together with their children and we know them as a happy couple,” Ms Karimi said.

A psychologist, who is also a university lecturer, said lack of proper communication between married partners was to blame for most cases of domestic violence.

The professional, who sought anonymity because of her relationship with the deceased man, said instead of involving a counsellor, many couples remain silent, leading to depression.

She added that many young couples have embraced ‘infidelity fashion’ with their social media friends, resulting in domestic violence.

On Sunday morning, a 42-year-old man from Ruguti village in Igambang’ombe sub-county in the same county reportedly died by suicide after accusing his wife of being unfaithful.

He left a suicide note, stating that he took the action because his wife had been going out with other men and efforts to stop her were unsuccessful and that he could no longer bear the embarrassment.