New faces in Taita Taveta assembly after few MCAs survive voters' wrath

Taita Taveta County assembly. Only five of the 19 elected in 2017 survived voters' wrath in last week’s elections.

Photo credit: Lucy Mkanyika I Nation Media Group

A majority of ward reps in the Taita Taveta County Assembly will be new, with only five of the 19 elected in 2017 surviving voters' wrath in last week’s elections.

The carryovers are deputy Speaker Chrispus Tondoo (Bomeni), Jones Mghanga (Ngolia), Anselm Mwadime (Mwanda/Mghange) Antony Warighe (Bura) and Newton Kifuso (Wumingu/Kushushe).

Mr Godwin Kilele of Sagalla ward was eyeing the Senate position and did not defend his seat. 
In Rong’e ward, majority leader Harris Keke (ODM) was defeated by Ms Dorcas Mlughu (UDA).

Ms Mlughu, a former journalist, won with 1,827 votes against Mr Keke's 1,584. She had also contested the seat in 2017 but lost to the latter.

She will be the only elected female MCA and the only UDA-elected representative in the assembly. 

"I promise to do my duty diligently and my pledge to residents of my ward and the entire county is that I will ensure that I fulfil my responsibilities. I will also stand with the women of this county," she said. 

In Kasigau ward, majority whip Ibrahim Juma (Wiper) was also defeated by Amos Makalo (PAA). Mr Juma garnered 293 votes and came in fifth in the race. Mr Makalo garnered 1,497 votes.

In Marungu ward, Mr Paul Waweru (UDA) lost his seat to Stephen Mkala (ODM). Mr Mkala emerged with 1,517 votes, while Mr Waweru came in third with 500. Patrick Muteti (Wiper) was second with 1,204 votes.

Voters in Mboghonyi also removed minority leader Jones Maskuj (PAA) and replaced him with Khalifa Salim (ODM). Mr Maskuj was third with 903 votes against Mr Salim's 2,588. Nominated MCA Martha Kenio was second with 1,844 votes.

In Mahoo ward, Mr Donald Fundi (Jubilee), elected in a by-election last December, was also shown the door.

Mr Fundi served for eight months and was replaced by his closest competitor, Daniel Kimuyu (Tujibebe Wakenya Party). Mr Fundi garnered 1,690 votes against Mr Kimuyu’s 1,739.

In the December by-election, Mr Kimuyu vied under UDA and came in second with 1,358 votes against Mr Fundi's 1,609.

"In the last election, there were a lot of ethnicity campaigns and money changed hands. In this election, I decided to do a one-on-one campaign. My target was 4,000 voters," Mr Kimuyu told Nation.Africa. 

He said he will help pass laws to boost development in the county. 

"When we go to the assembly, we should stand as the oversight of the executive so that it can perform. That's where the last House failed. We should serve our people because we are behind in development matters," he said.

In Mbololo, MCA-elect Lawrence Mzugha (ODM) won with a landslide of 3,039 votes against the incumbent Godfrey Mwambi’s (Jubilee) 1,094.

In Kaloleni, Azhar Din (Jubilee) won with 3,007 votes against former MCA Omar Ahmed (ODM), who had 2,657.

In Sagalla, Bryson Mwambi (Wiper) won with 1,169 votes against his closest competitor Stanley Makeo’s 1,153.

Chawia MCA Frank Kichoi of the Pamoja African Alliance (PAA) was replaced by Joseph Mabishi (Jubilee), while Mwatate MCA Abednego Mwanjala (independent) was defeated by Kennedy Mwalegha (Wiper).

Wusi/Kishamba MCA Juma Mwamba (Jubilee) was defeated by Duncan Wangama (CPK). 

In Mata ward, Taveta, Mr Isaac Matolo of the People's Empowerment Party (PEP) won the election with 1,391 votes, while in Chala ward, Antony Kinyili (ODM) beat MCA Dan Nguzo (PAA).

In Wundanyi/Mbale ward, incumbent Steven Mcharo (Wiper) was defeated by his closest competitor Jimmy Mwamidi (ODM), while Genard Mwandau (PAA) trounced Jason Tuja (Wiper) in Werugha ward.

PAA and ODM took the majority of seats, with five MCAs each. Wiper came in second with four seats, while Jubilee had two. UDA, CPK, PEP and Tujibebe Wakenya will have one MCA each in the new assembly. 


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