Samburu assembly Speaker gazettes date for dissenting MCAs' swearing-in

Samburu County Assembly Speaker Fred Lengees speaks to journalists at the assembly grounds in Maralal town, Samburu County

Photo credit: Geoffrey Ondieki | Nation Media Group

Samburu County Assembly Speaker Fred Lengees has gazetted Tuesday, October 4, as a special sitting for the swearing-in of dissenting MCAs who boycotted the ceremony last week.

The members, a majority of whom are affiliated to Azimio One Kenya, boycotted the oath-taking, claiming one of their own, nominated MCA Agnes Wambui, was blocked from entering the chambers.

The move led to a pull and push, prompting police officers to disperse the dissenting MCAs, who were causing fracas outside the main gates.

Mr Lengees, who was elected by mostly Kenya Kwanza-allied MCAs in the absence of the dissenters, said at the time that a later date would be set aside for swearing in the MCAs "because it is a requirement".

"Notice is given to all members of County Assembly of Samburu that pursuant to standing order 26 (1) and (3), a special sitting of the County Assembly of Samburu shall be held at the County Assembly chambers in Maralal, on Tuesday 4, October 2022 at 9 am," read the notice.

"Further, pursuant to County Assembly of Samburu standing orders 26 (4), the agenda for the special sitting shall be the administration of oath of members of County Assembly of Samburu who did not take their oath during the first sitting” held on September 28.

Mr Lengees maintained that the Jubilee-nominated Ms Wambui will not be sworn in because "she is not even a voter in Samburu County".

"Those members who failed to take their oath of office will do so. But as long as I am the Speaker, the strange member Agnes Wambui will not take the oath, and that is final," Mr Lengees said at a press conference.

Samburu County Governor Jonathan Lelelit wondered why Jubilee could not nominate locals who deserved the chance but instead picked a Nairobi resident.

"We will not allow it to happen in Samburu. There are many local women who can be nominated to the assembly. We do not have a deficiency of women here to be given a Nairobi voter to represent Samburu people," Mr Lelelit said.

Samburu County Woman Representative Pauline Lenguris said the nomination of Ms Wambui was a mockery to Samburu women.

"I represent women in this county, but in this case we will not accept [the nomination]. We are not going to accept today, tomorrow and forever," she said.

Azimio-affiliated MCAs who boycotted the swearing-in of MCAs and the election of a Speaker included Joseph Loloju (Maralal, Jubilee), Jeremiah Leitoro (Elbarta, Jubilee), Lealmusia Ali (Ndoto, PNU), Paul Leshimpiro (Angata, Jubilee), and James Lenanguram (Baawa, Jubilee), Francis Lemantile (Wamba, Jubilee), and Christopher Lentukunye (Wamba North, Jubilee).

Those nominated to the House under the Azimio coalition are Ms Wambui, Silapia Lenamantiyo, Esther Lenolkulal, Eunice Lekirenyei, Osman Dube and Stacy Nareyo.

Political parties are planning to appoint their leadership in the assembly, even though about half of the members have not taken the oath of office.

The positions include majority leader, majority whip, minority leader and minority whip, along with their deputies.


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