Nyeri woman: I interrupted Ruto's speech because I want a job for my hustler son

Nyeri woman: I interrupted Ruto's speech because I want a job for my hustler son

An elderly woman who caused a scene while President William Ruto was making his speech during the burial ceremony of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s brother in Hiriga village, Nyeri County says she needs Sh400,000 for his son to travel abroad to look for a “well-paying” job.

Speaking after being whisked away by the president’s security team, Ms Lucy Wangui said she attended the burial just to get the opportunity ask for help from the president because she voted for him.

“When I heard the president was to attend the burial of the brother to the Deputy President, I grabbed the opportunity. I voted for the president and that’s why I am asking for help,” she told the media.

Nyeri Ruto security scare

Security personnel intervene to whisk away a woman who breached President William Ruto's security demanding her son to be given a job on October 4, 2022. The incident happened during burial of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua's brother, Jack Reriani in Mathira.

Photo credit: James Murimi I Nation Media Group

There was a scare after a woman breached security and nearly reached the dais where President William Ruto was addressing mourners at Hiriga in Mathira constituency, Nyeri County.

Dr Ruto had just started addressing mourners at the burial of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua's brother when a seemingly distressed woman navigated through his security detail and lay on the floor in front of the President.

The President had to cut short his speech for a while as the woman caused drama. She demanded an audience with First Lady Rachel Ruto.

Ruto apologises to mourners as woman interrupts funeral proceedings

She was whisked away by the security team as Ms Ruto and Mr Gachagua’s wife, Dorcas Rigathi intervened to listen to her.

“Leave that woman..we will sort her out. Mama Rachel will sort you out. It’s okay, you will be sorted out mama,” Dr Ruto said as he calmed the curious mourners.

Nyeri Woman Rep Rahab Mukami, the presidential security and some women escorted the woman out of the tent as she shouted.

President Ruto's new Aide-De-Camp (ADC) Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga from the Kenya Army remained alert as the incident unfolded.

Col Lengusuranga took over from Stelu Lekolool who a few months ago was promoted to the rank of Brigadier

Speaking to the media after the scuffle, Ms  Wangui said she opted to demand for the President’s attention to convince him to assist her son secure a job.

Ms Wangui said her son, John Gichuhi, is a matatu tout and is unable to take care of his three children.

“My son is unable to cater for his family. His cousin, who lives in the USA, had found a job for him that promised to pay Sh70,000 per month. He lacks Sh400,000 for air travel and that is why I sought the assistance of our President. I voted for President Ruto and he is the best person to assist me,” Ms Wangui, who wore a yellow dress, said.

“I work as a caregiver for the elderly people and I have been struggling to cater for my family through my monthly salary of Sh10,000. I have been catering for the needs of my son and my grandchildren. I was roughed up by the security team but I am optimistic that my son will get help,” she added.

During his speech, Mr Gachagua left tongues wagging when he said he regretted having few children.

Mr Gachagua regretted having two children, saying the concept of limiting the number of children born in a homestead was introduced by the whites after independence.

“When the whites came to Africa, they introduced to us the concept of getting two children and we accepted. But looking back in my case, I think it was foolish because I just live in my big house with my wife Pastor Dorcas. Our children left our home a long time ago,” Mr Gachagua said.

“If you leave a glass on the table, you will find it at the exact point after two months. Is that a home really? Family planning came with the whites and we adopted them blindly without giving it a second thought,” he added.

Mr Gachagua has two children.

He said his parents, Nahashon Gachagua Reriani and Martha Kirigo, were peasant farmers and freedom fighters who had nine children and developed structured means of having them educated accordingly.

“On education, they came up with an insurance scheme to ensure that their children went to school,” the DP said amidst laughter from mourners.

“That insurance scheme by my parents and all other parents of that time was a masterstroke. They would get as many children as possible and educate a few of them. Those few educated children would then educate the rest. There were nine of us, but they educated Jack Rerian and Nderitu Gachagua and told them to educate the rest of us,” he added.

Mr Gachagua lauded his late brother, Jack Reriani for educating him on behalf of his parents.

“This is a man that we hold with very high esteem as a family. He paid for my school fees from Form One to Form 6. God gave me an opportunity to thank my brother Reriani profoundly for educating me on behalf of my parents. I am urging Kenyans to take care of their siblings and see them through their lives. Let us educate our children,” he said.

Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot defended Mr Gachagua's persistent controversial remarks despite media criticism.

"I am urging you to be calm because God has placed you there to dine with the kings. They should stop criticising you. If your statements will change Kenya so be it," Mr Cheruiyot said.


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