Ex-street boy eyeing MP seat stuns many as he gives Sh50 in a burial

Daniel Kiige

Mr Daniel Kiige, who was rescued from the streets of Karatina town by a kind couple, now wants to become the next MP of Mathira Constituency.

Photo credit: Stephen Munyiri | Nation Media Group

A former street boy who is vying for the Mathira parliamentary seat stunned mourners when he gave a paltry Sh50 during a burial preparation gathering.

Like the biblical poor widow who gave the only two coins she had to the temple treasury and won praise from Jesus Christ, Mr Daniel Kiige, 23 emulated her on Saturday evening and gave all he had-Sh50.

He equally won accolades from mourners who praised him for giving from his heart, unlike others who gave from their ‘pockets.’

Mr Kiige had attended a burial preparation gathering at Kiamwangi but only had Sh100 on him.

He wanted to help but was torn between donating the whole amount and walk home on foot. 

So he gave out the Sh100 note and asked for Sh50 change to enable him hire a boda boda back home to the consternation of mourners.

The book of Mark.12 Verse 41 to 44 Says “And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how people cast money into the treasury, and many that were rich cast in much, and there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two coins ,the two coins were all she had, and yet gave them to God”    

Talking to "Nation" after donating the "two coins," Kiige who has been using a hired motor bike in his door to door campaign said he could only give what he could afford.

“I felt relieved. You know there is sense of obligation once you get somewhere. I had remained with only 100 bob and I intended 50 bob to be my fare back home. In fact it was even not enough. My fare from town is 70 bob, so I talked with a rider and he understood me. You know I believe in giving what one has even what is seemingly small to the eyes of the people, but in return I feel I have done my part in that particular moment. I believe in helping in whatever capacity one is in any situation,” Mr Kiige said

Earlier, in a related incident at  Kangocho, UDA candidate  Eric Wamumbi was booed when he  attempted to demean Mr Kiige by asking him to withdraw from the race saying he was ready to give him a job instead of "begging" to fund his campaign. 

Angry villagers did not take it kindly and booed the candidate amid shouts of "kaba Kiige" which loosely translates to Kiige is better off.

With help from well-wishers, Mr Kiige has kept up his bid for Mathira MP seat and is oozing confidence that he will be the next MP.

When Kiige declared his intention to run for the Mathira parliamentary seat four months ago, many dismissed him as a joker out to seek cheap publicity but he is increasingly gaining popularity among the electorate.

Mathira constituency is traditionally known for its high-voltage campaigns and the seat has long been perceived as a preserve of men and women with deep pockets.

Mr Kiige rose to stardom in March when he featured prominently in a Nation page two story.

However, he has been struggling to sustain his campaigns, prompting some well-wishers to step in by volunteering to help him raise funds. 

Mr Kiige is among six candidates cleared by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to vie for the seat held by UDA presidential running mate Rigathi Gachagua.

Traders at a local second-hand clothes market recently organised an impromptu fundraiser to help Mr Kiige print campaign posters, among other logistical needs.

"These are the kind of leaders we want in this country. He has passed through many challenges, including living in the streets. He knows the pain the ordinary Kenyan goes through. If we elect him, I’m sure he would be the best representative we can have,” said Ann Wambui, a trader at the Karatina Market.

Mr Kiige, who has embarked on a door-to-door campaign, said he was overwhelmed by the support from well-wishers, hoping this would translate into votes on August 9.

“I think they have seen the leadership in me. The support I am getting is overwhelming. Wherever I go people are very receptive. Many are encouraging me to go on.” he said. 

He was picked from the streets by well-wishers and helped to get a full government sponsorship to KCA University where he graduated last year.

He is competing with political heavy weights and financially endowed individuals  including Mr Waruru Gikandi, a Nairobi businessman who is running under the Martha Karua-led Narc-K, Mr Kiragu Karweru of Usawa Party and Phenansio Wang'ombe Thuku, an independent candidate. Others are Eric Mwangi Wamumbi (UDA) and Ms Christobel Wambura Maranga of Jubilee.