Calls for Kindiki's help as murdered US-based couple buried in Nyamira

Edward Morema Nyagechi, 62 and his wife Grace Mong’ina Morema,

US-based businessman Edward Morema Nyagechi, 62, and his wife Grace Mong’ina Morema, 58, were discovered murdered in their house in Nyamira on Tuesday morning.

Photo credit: Family Album

Emotions ran high in Nyamira County on Friday, when a Kenyan-American couple, killed in cold blood last month, were buried at at Nyamakoroto village.

Relatives of Edward Morema, 64, and his wife Grace 60,  called on Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki to intervene and ensure those who killed them are arrested and charged.

“There are many questions on how the Moremas met their death. We are in the dark, not knowing what to do. So far, the killers have not been arrested. We wonder what is happening,” said Mr Charles Maroko, a former MCA.

“We are calling on CS Kithure Kindiki to intervene in and ensure investigations are concluded without further delay.”

He noted that residents were in shock following the couple's gruesome murder.

The Moremas’ children said they feared for their security and that they were not ready to return to their parent’s rural home.

“We do not know how safe we will be if we travel home. Imagine someone coming to your house and killing you. That’s scary,” one of the daughters said.

Police reports say the killers tied the couple’s hands with ropes after entering their home at night. They then stuffed their mouths with pieces of cloth so that they could not scream for help.

The attackers then bludgeoned the couple to death during heavy rains. Postmortems indicated the two were stabbed, strangled and bludgeoned to death.

Mr Morema is said to have been supervising projects in Western Kenya.

He was hit on the head several times, with a blunt object, while his wife was strangled to death, according to postmortems conducted at the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital.

There were reports that prior to the couple’s deaths, a man familiar to the couple visited them, dined with them and spent the night at their home.

Detectives in Masaba North Sub-County earlier arrested two workers at the home - a farmhand and a house maid - for questioning.