Woman dies after falling into gold mine

Awendo town.

Photo credit: Ruth Mbula | Nation Media Group

Locals of Kanyasrega Nyokal village in Awendo sub-county are reeling in shock after a woman slipped and fell into a gold mine during a mining expedition on Monday evening.

The woman, who has since been identified as 26-year-old Rose Awino, had been sourcing for gold-rich ores when she fell into a huge mine and was buried by the loose soil.

Residents who responded to distress calls managed to retrieve her and was rushed to Rongo Sub County Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

“She has been involved in a series of gold excavations in this area. They move as a group, sometimes by the river banks in search of alluvial gold,” local resident Joseph Obiero said.

According to Kanyasrega Assistant Chief Ezekiel Kokeyo, the woman was part of a group involved in a mining spree at derelict mines in North East Sakwa location.

Her body was taken to Rosewood Hospital.

“We have warned residents to avoid old mines especially during the rainy seasons. Henceforth, we have put measures in place to comb those visiting old mines and anyone found at the sites will face the due legal process,” said Mr Kokeyo.