Meru MCAs table new motion to impeach Governor Kawira Mwangaza

Kawira Mwangaza

Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza during a budget validation forum in Maua town on November 30,2022. She apologised to the MCAs and called for a truce.

Photo credit: David Muchui I Nation Media Group

The Meru County Assembly has reignited the leadership wrangles with a fresh tabling of a notice of motion for the impeachment of governor Kawira Mwangaza on Tuesday morning.

According to the order paper for morning sitting of December 6, Abogeta West MCA Dennis Kiogora, who is also the minority whip, is expected to give the seven days’ notice for the impeachment debate.

The governor is accused of nepotism, illegal appointments, unlawful dismissals, usurpation of constitutional and statutory functions, incitement, bullying, vilification and misleading campaigns against other leaders.

Other accusations are forceful entry into the assembly and mobilizing unlawful riots against MCAs, violation of public finance management laws and misconduct relating to the nomination of CECs.

The standoff between MCAs and Ms Mwangaza has seen each side maintain a hard stance until recently when the governor climbed down and made a public apology.

“Please come and let us reason together. Let us hold hands and work together. We should not waste more time because it cannot be recovered,” Governor Mwangaza said.

Earlier, the governor had dared the MCAs to initiate the impeachment process arguing that she was innocent and was not afraid of political fights.

On one side, the MCAs accuse the governor of being untrustworthy and disrespectful to the county assembly while the governor has fingered the ward reps for attempting to lure her into breaking the law by establishing the Ward Development Fund.

After the MCAs turned down her apologies, Governor Mwangaza on Sunday pleaded with President William Ruto to intervene and restore peace in Meru.

Kawira Mwangaza

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza when she addressed a prayer gathering attended by President William Ruto in Embu on December 4, 2022. She appealed to President Ruto help end row between her and MCAs.

Photo credit: Joseph Kanyi I Nation Media Group

"The Bible says that blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God...I pray that the president is inspired by God to broker peace in Meru County," Ms Mwangaza said.

According to majority chief whip Jim Muchui, the differences with the governor cannot be resolved and that they were determined to fire her.

Earlier, Speaker Ayub Bundi said while there is an opportunity for talks, the assembly has the power to introduce fresh impeachment motions after the court barred debate on the first one.

Nominated MCA Secondina Kanini said the governor’s apology was issued in bad faith and would not be accepted.

She said that they have stayed put in their resolve since the governor 'cannot be trusted.'

“We will not accept the governor’s apology. The governor has prosecuted us in public with all manner of accusations. We have lost trust with the governor and if she cannot be trusted, she is not a worthy leader,” the nominated MCA said.

Ms Kanini said the governor has used the Ward Development Fund issue to fight the MCAs yet the county assembly was clear that the allocation is to be implemented by the executive.

“The problems we have with the governor are not instigated by anyone. What the MCAs want is to have a sitting with the governor and agree on an allocation for ward community projects. However, the governor has turned this against us,” Ms Kanini said.

Meru Senator Kathuri Murungi on Monday weighed in on the row faulting the governor for seeking assistance from the president.

Speaking at a local radio, Senator Kathuri blamed the woes on the governor saying ‘she has refused to work with the MCAs’.

 “I am embarrassed to see our governor going all the way to Embu to seek help. I initiated talks some weeks ago but she refused to listen. The problem will end when the governor humbles herself and heeds to the call to work with MCAs,” she said.

The Senator added: “I am yet to be convinced that there is no peace in Meru because all MCAs are in good terms with all MPs.”