Leaders endorse Mvurya as Coast region’s kingpin

Governor Salim Mvurya

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya (centre) and other leaders campaign for Independent candidate for Msambweni by-election Feisal Bader at Lemba Market in Ukunda, Kwale County on December 9, 2020.

Photo credit: File I Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • The governor has received praise after successfully leading Mr Feisal Bader's campaigns during the Msambweni by-election.
  • Coastal leaders have said Mr Mvurya’s development track record make him the best governor from the region.

Buoyed by the resounding victory the candidate they were supporting posted in the recent Msambweni parliamentary by-election, a group of Coast politicians are now pushing Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya to assume the mantle of regional kingpin.

The governor has received praise from many quarters after successfully leading Mr Feisal Bader's campaigns, which ended with a decisive victory.

The politicians allied to Deputy President William Ruto have said it is time for the region to form a political party through which Mr Mvurya will use to champion the interests of locals. 

Speaking during the homecoming for Mr Bader, the leaders said Mr Mvurya’s development track record and mobilisation skills make him the best governor from the region to take the political mantle and represent the interests of locals at the national level.

“I want us to unite first as Coast people and give Mr Mvurya a vehicle (party) that he will use to represent our interests. We must first organise ourselves. Our opponents have organised themselves so we should also do the same,” said Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa, who hinted at the outfit joining forces with other parties to boost Dr Ruto’s quest for the top seat come 2022. 
Death bed

Mr Mvurya, who is serving his second term, and his deputy Fatuma Achani were very instrumental in organising political rallies , logistics and door-to-door campaigns to drum up support for Mr Bader .

Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar said ODM, which is under the stewardship of Raila Odinga and Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, is on its death bed and urged leaders across the region to rally behind Mr Mvurya noting that a new wave of change has already began.

Mr Omar said the Kwale governor has all it takes to be Dr Ruto’s running mate owing to his good development track record.

“We will support Mr Mvurya to speak for the region for he is a leader who will serve the interest of the people. Please lead us and negotiate on our behalf,” said Mr Omar.

“We have defeated Mr Odinga and Mr Joho. The outcome of the by-election is an indication that Dr Ruto’s journey to State house has just begun,” he added

Lungalunga MP Khatib Mwashetani also supported the call for Mr Mvurya to take up the leadership mantle and represent the region.

“We want to be led by a performing governor,” he said.

Liberate the region

While urging Mr Mvurya to deputise Dr Ruto come 2022, Mr Mwashetani declared interest to succeed the governor once he exits office in 2022.

Former Taita Taveta Senator Dan Mwazo, who also attended the event, said Mr Bader's victory confirmed Mr Mvurya's ability to liberate the region.

“You have set a good example in liberating the region. You are number one in Coast,” said Mr Mwazo

Mr Mvurya while responding to the endorsements said a wave of reforms for the region has begun in Kwale and so politicians should realise there is no room for politics of deceit in the region.

The Kwale county boss did not directly comment on the endorsement but only criticised ODM members “for using insults during the campaigns instead of explaining to the locals the policies they had.”

“There is no room for political fraud or deceit. Kwale people and the Coast as a whole need support in education, health and economic matters. They do not need leadership to promote one person’s name. I tell you free of charge that it will be difficult to change the minds of awakened people,” said the governor.

Ms Jumwa said the new political outfit for the Coastal people would offer hopes to local politicians who have been mistreated by ODM.

The vocal MP said the mistreatment and frustrations that politicians from the region have suffered in the hands of ODM should serve as an eye opener for those still in the party.

“What we have witnessed in Jubilee and ODM is enough,” said the MP.

Ms Jumwa has also criticised Mr Joho, saying he does not have good plans for the region as well as the capacity to represent locals at the national level.

“The politics of violence and chest thumping have been overtaken by events. I want to tell you that we will not accept threats because we know that Mr Joho has no good plans for the Coast region other than chest thumping , pride and arrogance,” said Ms Jumwa.


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