Slain Nairobi Hospital Finance boss Eric Maigo buried

slain Nairobi Hospital Finance Chief Eric Maigo Onchari

Relatives of slain Nairobi Hospital Finance Chief Eric Maigo Onchari, have demanded justice for their son.

Photo credit: Ruth Mbula | Nation Media Group

Relatives of slain Nairobi Hospital finance chief Eric Maigo have demanded justice for their kin, claiming some unnamed people have been trying to cover up the murder.

Speaking during his burial at Keumbu in Kisii County on Friday, relatives, who did not want TV cameras at the home as they accused journalists of misreporting, said they want to know the truth on why and how Maigo was killed.

Maigo’s grandfather led the family in demanding justice. "I am very sad and hurt by the killing of my grandchild. Stop killing people. God has commanded us to respect life. I pray that God comforts my children (Maigo's parents),” said the grandfather.

Reverend Abel Ocharo, who stood with the family during introductions at the funeral that had few speeches, asked the more than four lawyers present to take up the murder case and ensure perpetrators are brought to book.

Educated here

“People are educated here...there is no need to cheat. They are telling us a girl got in the house. Why don’t we have footage of them getting into the house? Our good learned lawyers here, let these issues not get buried with our son. He is dead, yes, but do not let justice for him die,” said Rev Ocharo.

He added: “Go have a meeting and see how to have a strong case. We want to know the truth. We know Maigo gave out a report to Nairobi Hospital and his work was lauded and was even promised (a) promotion…they killed him. We are angry. Let the government follow this issue keenly, let it not hide.”

Was found dead

Maigo was found dead in his house on February, September 15, 2023. A postmortem revealed that he was stabbed 25 times.

A teenager has been named as the key suspect in the murder and was arrested on Tuesday by sleuths attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

The girl was captured on CCTV footage escaping from the home of the victim located at Woodley estate by scaling the perimeter wall.

A Nairobi court allowed police to detain the suspect for 21 days pending investigations.

Exit of his supervisor

Maigo was born on November 26, 1986.  He joined Nairobi Hospital in the year 2020. In July 2023, following the exit of his supervisor, he was appointed the acting Finance Director of the Hospital and served in that position until he died.

Maigo left no family of his own but has been described by his kin as a caring member of their family, musician, outdoorsman, avid cyclist, football fan, a loyal friend, industry integrator and a giant amongst men.

A fourth born in their family, Maigo is the son of Zebedeoh and Dinah Ondari. His mother is a teacher and his father is an accountant.

His parents in their tribute said they were deeply wounded and traumatised by the manner of his death.

“No man, past or present or yet to come should have to go through that kind of suffering,” said Mr Onchari.