Baby Sagini suspect to court: Save me from bedbugs, lice in prison

Suspects in Baby Sagini case presented in court for pre-trial

There was drama and blame games between  suspects over who was responsible for gouging out the eyes of baby Junior Sagini on the day of pre-trial at the Kisii Law Courts. 

On Wednesday morning, Ms Pacificah Nyakerario and Ms Rael Mayaka (aunt and grandmother to the victim respectively) sought to distance themselves from the heinous act and instead told the court that Sagini’s cousin, Mr Alex Ochogo Maina, should be solely held responsible. 

It all started when Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Ogweno asked Ms Nyakerario and Ms Mayaka how they were faring having crossed into the new year while remanded at Kisii prison.

“I am good but let my son (Ochogo) tell this court where he took Sagini’s eyes,” Ms Nyakerario said.

The same question was posed by Ms Mayaka who also began to point the finger at her co-accused, but the magistrate told suspects that they will be given ample opportunity to explain themselves when the case enters full hearing.

Earlier on, Mr Ochogo, the first accused, lamented that he was suffering in prison as lice and bedbugs would feed on his blood at night.

“Why can’t you present the witnesses here as fast as possible because I am suffering in there. I never sleep and bedbugs and lice are feasting on me,” Mr Ochogo lamented, sending the fully packed court into laughter.

The prosecution counsel comprising Mr Hilary Kaino, Mr George Morara and the Attorney-General of the County Government of Kisii and other lawyers representing interested parties all asked the court for more time for baby Sagini to heal and be able to testify.

Baby Sagini and his elder sister are currently under state protection.

“Your honour, one of the minors who is a key witness is going through a set of procedures including counselling and aiding recovery after the traumatic event. In essence, the two minors are receiving psychological support from trained personnel. We are in agreement that the court grants more time for the other witnesses to attend the court session,” Mr Morara said.

Mr Morara further lamented that social media users were infringing on baby Sagini’s privacy by posting sensitive information about his condition. He cited the example of a tweet by a renowned Kisii-based activist Esnahs Nyaramba.

According to Mr Morara, the activist posted a message saying that her efforts to help baby Sagini get justice had hit a dead end due to what she termed as frustrations.

“The court reaffirms the need and importance to protect the privacy of the minor...the media and other social media users are directed to avoid covering what would in any way infringe upon the privacy of the minors. Further pretrial will be on March 2 this year,” Ms Ogweno said.

Baby Sagini was found dumped in a maize farm on December 14 last year with his eyes gouged out.