Baby Sagini attack: Aunt arraigned as main suspect in gouging out of his eyes

Pacificah Nyakerario

The prime suspect in Baby Sagini attack Pacificah Nyakerario, 60, when she appeared before a Kisii court on Tuesday.

Photo credit: Ondari Ogega I Nation Media Group

The main suspect in the brutal attack on the three-year-old boy, Junior Sagini has been arraigned. 

Ms Pacificah Nyakerario, 60, was arrested by detectives on Monday night at a hideout in Nairobi and driven to Kisii County for questioning over the incident.

She had fled on December 14, after Sagini was attacked by unknown people and his eyes gouged out at Ikuruma village, Marani Sub County.

The boy was found abandoned in a maize farm and rushed to hospital.

The suspect appeared before Kisii Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Ogweno on Tuesday but did not take plea, after the prosecution requested for more time to finalise their investigations.

Outside the court premises, there was drama after some women gathered and jostled to catch a glimpse of the accused.

As the charges were read to the accused, she started sobbing as tears flowed from her eyes.

The magistrate ordered the accused to be detained at Rioma Police Station until Friday when the case will be mentioned. 

Ms Nyakerario, who is an aunt to Sagini was arraigned a day after her son - Alex Maina Ochogo, 28 appeared in court.

The magistrate had ordered that Ochogo be detained in police cells for five days and he will be produced in court for mention of the case on Friday.

He is on police radar for escorting his mother to the bus station; to board a bus to Nairobi on the day the boy was found dumped in a maize farm after his attackers had gouged out his eyes.