DJ Goodie, a soldier and death story: Family cries out for justice

DJ Salim Goodie Moriasi

The late DJ Salim Moriasi alias DJ Goodie of the County Lux Comfort Hotel in Mariakani County Luc Comfort hotel was allegedly murdered by known people who are yet to be arrested.

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Despite glaring evidence in the CCTV footage, which indicated how Salim Moriasi, alias DJ Goodie from Mariakani town who was killed by a person identified as a KDF officer during Christmas festive for failing to play his request, the suspect is still enjoying his freedom as family mourns.

In the footage, which the police are also familiar with, it indicates how the suspect argued with the late DJ before pushing him on the ground before collapsing, no one has been arrested one month after the incident.

In the evidence, the deceased was seen being pushed at Comfort Hotel in Mariakani club at about 1.55 am on December 25 where he collapsed and taken to Mariakani Sub County Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Now the family has raised concern over the delay by the police to take action as police in Kilifi declined to respond to the alleged arrest of the officer despite the evidence.

DJ Goodie, 27, was murdered on Christmas Eve in 2022 at 1 pm at the County Lux Comfort Hotel in Marikanani town following a scuffle between the KDF soldier and himself over a song to be played.

The County Lux Comfort Hotel is a famous luxury joint in Mariakani that attracts KDF officers.

The family spokesperson George Abuga accused the police of failing to act despite evidence on what transpired and the person behind the murder.

Speaking to, Mr Abuga said they had established that nobody had been arrested, including the KDF officer who is still enjoying his freedom.

“We are afraid that there will be no justice for our son because even the officers from the DCI Nairobi who came to analyze the CCTV submitted their report to the police in Marikani but no action,” he said.

Mr Abuga said the family also made efforts to retrieve the CCTV footage.

“In our way, we got the CCTV footage, and camera 24 captured the incident well. The KDF is a known person and was wearing an Arsenal Jersey. There is no progress, and it is like there are a lot of cover-ups that are going on. There is no arrest of the KDF as to the allegations. We have inquired through our sources, and the KDF is still there. If it were true, the police could have produced him to record a statement and arraign,” he said.

The CCTV footage shows curious revelers at the entrance looking at the door.

Within a short time, DJ Goodie wearing a red T-shirt and a wristwatch emerges from the door looking weak and helpless, and immediately, the KDF pushes DJ Goodie downstairs under the lookout of the club bouncer and revelers.

The KDF throws his hands in the air in anger as he speaks.

At the same time is pointing at the ground and at DJ Goodie, who had rolled downstairs.

Mr Abuga disclosed that the owner of the club and a section of KDF officers from Marikani Barracks had approached the family on the out-of-court settlement.

“Although they insist on settling the matter out of Court, I have maintained that we will only have an out-of-court settlement after the suspect takes a plea,” he added.

The family had raised the same fear during the burial of DJ Goodie and said they sensed moves by the club and the police to interfere with the matter.

The postmortem report stated that the deceased succumbed to cardiorespiratory arrest and severe head injury.

 He suffered blunt head trauma.

However, Kilifi County Police Commander Jacinta Wesonga and the Kaloleni Sub- County Police Commander Mr Alexander Makau declined to respond.

It was after Mr Makau confirmed retrieving the CCTV camera and said that they had assured the family that the police would swing into action after the burial of the DJ.

He confirmed that witnesses had recorded their statements.

DJ Goodie was buried, on Friday, December 30, in Mariakani.


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