UDM ward reps defend the party leader after attack by Isiolo governor

Isiolo UDM Mcas

Isiolo Majority Leader Abdinoor Dima Jillo and other United Democratic Movement (UDM) MCAs address journalists in Isiolo town on March 23, 2023. 

Photo credit: Waweru Wairimu I Nation Media Group

Battlelines have been drawn between Isiolo Governor Abdi Ibrahim Guyo and United Democratic Movement (UDM) ward representatives over the former’s onslaught on Marsabit Governor Mohamud Ali, whom he accused of meddling in Isiolo matters.

Mr Guyo, while launching Sh35 million bursaries on Wednesday told off “Marsabit leaders” for what he termed as intruding into Isiolo matters and asked them to focus their energies on solving the ‘myriad’ challenges facing their electorates.

Mr Ali is the UDM party leader.

“We are hosting 10,000 herders from Marsabit and instead of helping your people who are faced with hunger, you are politicking over Isiolo,” Mr Guyo said.

Eight MCAs from UDM, the largest party in the Isiolo County Assembly, have come out guns blazing and demanded an apology from the governor over the unnecessary confrontation with their party leader.

Led by Majority Leader Abdinoor Dima Jillo, the MCAs said it was sad that Mr Guyo of Jubilee Party, whom they resolved to support despite them being affiliated to the ruling Kenya Kwanza Alliance, had chosen to publicly declare war on their party leader.

“We would like to remind him (Guyo) that UDM is the majority party in the assembly and was instrumental in helping him get a speaker of his choice. Publicly declaring war on our party leader is highly regrettable,” Mr Jillo said while reading a joint press release.

The leaders said the governor was upset over their last Saturday’s meeting with Mr Ali and Mandera Senator Ali Roba in Nairobi and maintained that they do not need his permission to meet their party leaders.

UDM party

The meeting focused on popularisation of the UDM party and recruitment of new members across the county, the MCAs said.

The ward representatives also took issue with Mr Guyo’s statement that all his issues must sail through the county assembly as “are meant to help the people of Isiolo” saying it depicted them as his rubberstamp.

Sericho MCA Abubakar Abdi Godana said the governor must apologize to UDM party leaders, UDM MCAs and their other colleagues for portraying them in bad light.

“An insult to our party leader is an insult to UDM MCAs and we will not tolerate it. Those we previously passed were in the best interests of Isiolo residents and we will continue working within the confines of the law,” Mr Godana said.

The majority leader said before the governor formed his government, they (UDM ward reps) were called to a meeting by their leadership where they were implored to offer the county boss adequate support to enable him to effectively deliver his promises.

He said under his leadership, proper legislation, oversight and representation will be done and maintained that vigorous checks and balances will be made on the executive to ensure residents' urgent needs are prioritised.

Addressing journalists in Isiolo town, the MCAs also criticised the governor for claiming that the process of community land registration was halted by some selfish leaders during the former regime in a direct attack on Senator Fatuma Dullo, former Woman Rep and Tourism CAS Rehema Jaldesa and ex-MP Hassan Odha.

Mr Jillo cited Ms Dullo as having played an instrumental role in title deeds issuance as well as sinking of boreholes in the county.

Other MCAs present were Chari’s Abdullahi Golicha Meja and Nominated Ms Kamila Warsame Suku, Mr Nura Mohamed Huka and Amina Enow Omar with Garbatulla MCA Abdi Rashid Ali Diba and Nominated MCA Fauzia Jibril Bore sending apologies.