Boost for Godana Doyo’s comeback bid after Borana, Ameru pact

Former Isiolo Governor Godana Doyo. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Former Isiolo governor Godana Doyo comeback bid has received a major boost following a working and development agreement with the Ameru community that is among the largest voting blocs in the county.

Under the deal between Mr Doyo’s Borana community and the Ameru that will be sealed in the presence of lawyers, the latter will bag the county secretary, municipality manager, County Public Service Board member, county minister and two chief officer posts.

Mr Doyo also received a shot in the arm after Hudson Kinyua, whom his rival Abdi Guyo had picked as deputy governor early last month but later dropped, joined his camp.

Gubernatorial ambitions

Mr Kinyua had shelved his gubernatorial ambitions after he was picked by Mr Guyo, but he shifted his interest to the Senate seat after their falling-out. He has since quit the race and vowed to work with Mr Doyo’s camp to ensure the leader clinches the seat.

While receiving Mr Kinyua into his camp at a meeting attended by some Ameru elders, leaders and residents, Mr Doyo said every community will have a stake in his government if he is elected in the August elections.

“I want to assure you, like other communities, the Amerus will have a stake in my government. All the agreements will be sealed in the presence of lawyers so that we work together as partners,” Mr Doyo told the Ameru.

Accompanied by his running mate Omar Hassan and Borana Council of Elders boss Abdullahi Gonjobe, Mr Doyo said negotiations between the two communities would continue before they roll out their campaigns.

Besides the Somali community support, Mr Doyo, who is vying as an independent candidate, also boasts significant support from the Samburu.

Mr Kinyua, who is being touted to become the county secretary, rallied the Ameru behind Mr Doyo, saying the latter had better goodies for them than his rivals who were deceiving residents with handouts.

“So that you do not say I was bought, I want you to tell me if I should shelve my ambitions and work with Mr Doyo,” he asked the congregation, answered in the affirmative.

He said he would work with the former governor to create wealth and employment opportunities.

“We will as Amerus remain united and vote for Doyo. We want to bring change and ensure every resident benefits from our government because our county has something for everyone,” he said.

Mr Hassan stressed the need for Isiolo communities to work together, saying that would help them deal with the challenges facing the county.

“If we do not walk together, we will not be able to address the challenges bedevilling our county,” he said.

Mr Doyo hit out at Governor Mohammed Kuti for allegedly sowing seeds of discord among Isiolo communities under the pretence of uniting residents.

He rubbished claims by Dr Kuti’s allies that his Borana community was selfish for fielding candidates for five top seats, saying if elected the leaders will safeguard the interests of all residents of the cosmopolitan county.

He cited “lies” being peddled at a time when Governor Kuti, County Secretary Dr Ahmed Galgalo, Senator Fatuma Dullo, nominated Senator Abshiro Halakhe, Isiolo South MP Abdi Koropu, Municipality Manager Osman Halakhe and County Public Service Board chair all hail from the Sakuye clan.

Because the Ameru had supported Governor Kuti for two terms, Mr Gonjobe said, the county boss should have endorsed an Ameru leader to take over from him when he announced his retirement from active politics over health concerns.

“Did he even come to bid you goodbye or just left and later brought you someone to vote for?” he posed.

Echoing the elder’s sentiments, Mr Doyo said had the governor been considerate, he would have appreciated the community and supported one of their own for the top seats.

“When he saw things were not working out for him, he chose to run away and left you stranded in danger. He did not even tell you to escape with him,” Mr Doyo noted.

He promised to focus on completing pending projects, citing the modern market in Isiolo town as one of his top priorities.

Others in the gubernatorial race are former EACC boss Halakhe Waqo (ODM), Mr Kenneth Ntoribo (PNU) and the United Democratic Alliance’s Hussein Tene.


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