MP aspirant tells voters how to avoid electing incompetent leaders

Osman Shariff Abukar, aspirant Isiolo North MP

Mr Osman Shariff Abukar, an aspirant for the Isiolo North MP’s seat on Chama Cha Kazi, addressing residents during a meeting in Isiolo town on July 3, 2022. He asked them not to vote along tribal or party lines but consider candidates’ policies and agenda.

Photo credit: Waweru Wairimu | Nation Media Group

An aspirant for the Isiolo North MP’s seat has warned residents against voting along tribal or party lines, saying this would help constituents avoid electing incompetent leaders on August 9.

Mr Osman Shariff Abukar, who hails from the Asheraf clan, the smallest of the Somali groups, said voters should make informed decisions at the ballot box by electing leaders based on their agenda and development record.

“Let us not be duped into electing people with no agenda simply because they come from our ethnic groups or they are in particular parties as that could deny us crucial services and development,” Mr Abukar said.

He added that voting along tribal lines belongs in the past in a county that is home to over 40 tribes.

The Chama Cha Kazi politician blamed tribalism for past and current disharmony between elected leaders, saying it had created divisions among residents and denied them development.

Shun those giving handouts

“The reason our people have been suffering is that they have been electing leaders without minding the agenda they have for them, only to later neglect them,” he noted.

Mr Abukar asked the electorate not to elect or re-elect politicians known for giving handouts, saying they are to blame for the lack of development in the county.

“Don’t sell your democratic rights for Sh500 or Sh1,000, because you will not have another chance to eject the leaders until after five years,” he said.

Young people, he said, must avoid being misused by selfish politicians to cause mayhem during campaigns but take advantage of their huge numbers to preach peace.

Aspirant’s priorities

During a rally in Isiolo town, the politician promised to prioritise education, security, employment, inclusivity and empowerment with a keen interest in the youth, women, special groups and marginalised communities if he is elected in the coming polls.

“I have been on the ground and I understand the challenges that you all face, and I commit to ensure your needs are addressed to your satisfaction,” he said.

He called on communities in Isiolo to coexist peacefully regardless of the politicians they support, saying elections are just a 12-hour event that should not break the bond they have built for many years.

Some 16 candidates want to dislodge incumbent Isiolo North MP Hassan Odha.


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