‘Help me bury my husband even though he killed my babies’

‘Help me bury my husband even though he killed my babies’

When couples take wedding vows, they publicly commit to living together “for better or for worse”.

This is what Monica Ndeda did in her 10-year marriage until last Tuesday when her husband Ronny Ochieng Nyore decided to end it all.

Nyore poisoned their four children, stabbed them in the stomachs and took the remaining poison which killed him.

Ms Ndeda had a fairly happy marriage with –like any couple- a bit of drama. She was blessed with four children.

Her eldest daughter is nine years old. Another girl is five years old and the last-born twins, who succumbed to stab wounds and poisoning, were three years old.

When the couple first met in Kisumu a decade ago, they agreed to start a family.

Nyore worked at a milling plant in the lakeside city.

Ms Ndeda on the other hand was employed as a cleaner at the airport.

"Throughout our marriage, I switched from one job to another. At one time I worked as a cook at a training institute," she said.

When they lived together, Ms Ndeda said, her husband was just strict about what he wanted to be done at home.

Nobody knew that he would go to an extent of taking his own life after trying to eliminate his four children.

Lost his stable job

Trouble in their marriage started in 2020 when Nyore lost his stable job.

This came due to the Covid-19 pandemic which caused companies to lay off many of their staff.

Medics attend to one of the survivors of the brutal attack by their father at Homa Bay's main hospital.

Photo credit: George Odiwuor | Nation Media Group.

"He was also ailing and his productivity at his workplace had reduced. His bosses had to let him go as he was suffering from diabetes,” Ms Ndeda said.

At this time, the woman was still breastfeeding her twins.

She said life became a challenge for them as the man was the breadwinner of the house.

Part of the problem they were facing was how to pay rent.

But they found a solution to this challenge. The couple decided to move to Kochia where Nyore hails from.

Even though they were living in their rural home with zero cost of rent, getting food was still a problem.

Ms Ndeda said she had to look for ways her family could eat.

"I sourced some money to start a business. I sold vegetables which I used to support my family," she said.

According to the widow, her husband was frustrated as his attempts to look for a job were not successful.

Then things changed for the worse. At one time, she said, he attacked her.

"He hurt my leg. I could not walk for six months," Ms Ndeda said. Amidst all the problems, she chose to stay by her man.

Threatening messages

She told nation.africa that she even got threatening messages from the deceased.

A night before the man ended his life, Ms Ndeda did not sleep at home for fear of being attacked.

"I got a text message from him thanking me and telling me goodbye. I could not understand what he meant until I found him dead," she said.

The death threats were first reported to an assistant chief who advised the woman to seek help from other relevant offices.

"I was told to stay away from the man for some time so his temper can subside. I would sleep at the neighbours’ house because of the threats I got," she said.

East Kochia location acting Chief Kenneth Odero said the woman was referred to the children's office where the matter could have been handled in a better way.

Mr Odero said the woman was given a letter summoning her husband to appear before a mediator.

"Her intention was to solve their differences. She managed to get a letter that could have initiated the process," the administrator said.

Proceeded home

On her way back home, she went to Omoya chief’s camp to drop the letter before she proceeded home.

At home, the woman was surprised when she found her door locked from the inside.

Mr Odero said the woman reported that she forcefully got into the house where she found her husband had slit the bellies of their four children with a knife.

He lay on the floor with two children on either side. While he was dead, the four minors were still breathing.

"I did not imagine that he could take his life," the widow said.

All the children were taken to the hospital and doctors did what they could to save them. Unfortunately, the twins died on Wednesday night.

Ms Ndeda, however, wishes that the twins be put side by side next to their father's grave.
"I am yet to get a communication from my in-laws. But my wish is for the children to be buried at their home alongside their father," she said.

Another burden is the payment of hospital bills which the widow said will overwhelm her.

During admissions, the children were taken to the theatre where doctors checked for any life-threatening injuries on their abdomen.

Intensive care unit

Two of the children were also admitted to the intensive care unit where they were breathing with the aid of machines.

When the three-year-old twin brothers breathed their last while being attended to by doctors at Homa Bay County Teaching and Referral Hospital on Wednesday night, their left their two older siblings fighting for their lives at the facility. One is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) while the other is in the general ward.

Doctors said their condition is improving but they are not out of danger yet.

Ms Ndeda now appeals to well-wishers to come to her aid in her hour of need.