Feedback: Using pepper as bio-pesticide

A farmer sprays pesticide on his tomato crops. Bio-pesticides are normally made from plant extracts and are thus not toxic to humans or livestock, do not kill natural enemies of pests and are cheap and easy to prepare if the materials are locally available. FILE PHOTO | NMG

What you need to know:

  • Meat goat breeds include the Small East African Goat, Galla and Boer goats while dairy goat breeds include Saanen, Toggenburg, and Alpine.
  • There are many rodenticides with different trade names, some contain zinc phosphide and are used as baits while those that contain aluminium phosphide are used as fumigants mainly to fumigate the burrows and kill the moles.
  • According to the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture, Tephrosia is a host for rootknot nematodes and, therefore, it should be uprooted after controlling the moles if it was intercropped with crops but if on the hedge it can be left.
  • Alfalfa is a high-quality, palatable, nutritious plant widely used as forage in livestock diet.



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