Tests show Nyamira soils too acidic for farming

Farmers plant tomatoes in a farm in Kisumu. Correcting soil acidity by the use of lime is the foundation of a good soil fertility programme. FILE PHOTO | NMG

What you need to know:

  • In Nyamira, continued use of acid fertilisers is responsible for the high acidity.
  • To lower the acidity, experts came up with a fertiliser blend made for Nyamira County and specifically for the maize crop.
  • Lime is a soil amendment fertiliser meant to reduce level of acidity.
  • Besides, lime does more than just correcting soil acidity and supplies essential plant nutrients, makes other essential nutrients more available and prevents some elements from being toxic to plant growth.

Most soils in Nyamira have high levels of acidity, making them unfit for farming.


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