Introducing the Yara Leadership Academy for MSMEs

Photo credit: Yara

The Yara Leadership Academy for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) is an intensive 12-week MBA-inspired training programme aimed at digitising and building the business management and leadership capacity in Yara East Africa’s agro-dealer channel. The programme lays emphasis on women and youth empowerment, and it is delivered in partnership with Kuza Biashara Ltd.

The network is composed of distributors, retailers and farmer service centres (FSCs) whose relationship with Yara spans several years.

Deeper Relationships

With this programme, Yara is seeking to further develop the connection with its distribution channel partners beyond the usual buyer-seller relationship, to improve last-mile connectivity.

Cascading Effect

Yara East Africa’s expectation is that the growth seen within the MSME distribution channel will cascade downwards to the biggest stakeholder in the agricultural sector – the farmer.

The first port of call for the farmer’s agronomy needs is their local agro-dealer. Therefore, if the MSMEs can be strengthened with the skills and knowledge they need to grow their businesses, the farmers will grow by having access to better care.

Broader Social Impact Framework

This programme is part of a wider framework that Yara Africa and Asia have committed to. Yara’s investment goes beyond this fully-sponsored MSME programme. Soon, farmer-specific programming will be introduced, tailored specifically for the needs of smallholder farmers in the country.

Expected Results

At the end of the course, the beneficiaries will be equipped with skills such as inventory management, marketing and communication, and business plan development, which will help grow the awareness of their operating environment.

The candidates will be able to show approximately 10-20 percent revenue growth and expanded portfolios over the next 18-24 months, as well as about 400 new jobs created. All these will be achieved while empowering and creating sustainable opportunities for women and youth.

Get more information plus a list of the first cohort of Yara Leadership Academy for MSMEs from this downloadable PDF.


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