Motorists run on V-Power, the Ferrari fuel, during rally weekend in Kenya after Shell’s unbeatable offer!

By Nation Writer

This article was written on the run because this was a weekend where speed mattered, thanks to the World Rally Championship (WRC) Safari Rally in Naivasha. So…

The magic number: Six

Shell V-Power fuel sold for Ksh6 less per litre countrywide on June 24 and 25, 2022 in the spirit of the rally weekend. Motorists filled their tanks with the fuel that the Formula One Ferrari team runs on. Safe to say that the Shell V-Power fuel took over Kenya on the rally weekend.

But what is this V-Power?

There is petrol, then there is Shell V-Power petrol.  Shell V-Power is the brand name given to Shell’s enhanced high-specification fuels for motor vehicles. This includes the Shell V-Power 95 Unleaded that is being sold in Kenya. Shell says it’s their best fuel yet.

What do you mean ‘Power 95’?

It’s not a mere number added to that brand of fuel. It means that the fuel has a Research Octane Number (RON) of 95, whereas the ordinary unleaded petrol in the market has an RON of 90-92. In simple terms, this means lots more power flowing from the fuel tank to the engine. That translates to more motivation to the engine and fantastic runs on the road.

Is it only about enhancing engine power?

There is more to Shell V-Power than giving your engine the desire to run like a teenage cheetah. In it, there is also a special, world-class detergent that has been proven to clear gunk and thus prevents corrosion in a vehicle’s fuel components. This add-on also deals with any deposits in the fuel system that may be reducing the performance of the vehicle.

Where do I get it?

Most Shell fuel stations across the country have a V-Power pump. Vroom at sites, motorists experienced it and got the feedback from their cars. By the way, this fuel comes to Kenya on its own ship, is stored in Shell tanks in Mombasa, and shipped only to Shell stations.


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