Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore at a Skiza event.


Skiza tunes strike the right chord for artistes and mobile phone subscribers

What you need to know:

  • Ring-back tones and call tunes keep callers entertained.
  • They also create revenue streams for artistes who had been grappling with music piracy
  • Content providers see room to improve payment terms to avoid conflict with intermediaries.

Skiza by Safaricom is definitely one of the biggest revenue earners in Kenyan showbiz. Despite the vicious wars between artistes and the platform, Skiza is still viewed by many as paying promptly, but there is a problem with Premium Rate Serve Providers (PRSPs) who act as intermediaries between the artistes and Safaricom. The PRSPs are believed to make much more out of each song an artiste signs to them than the amount the artiste takes home.


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