This simple trick will get you 50 percent FREE Extra Safaricom Airtime every time you top-up!



The street-smart know it already. If you don’t, you should get the drill by the time you finish reading this. It is not a bird, neither a plane, nor a gamble. It is simply the number *444#, which has taken the country by storm, becoming the place where all Safaricom customers go to get amazing offers and bonuses.

Everybody is talking about “Mambo Ni OneTouch”, the new offer from Safaricom that gets you EXTRA airtime for FREE every time you top-up any amount into your phone.  The offer is called OneTouch because Safaricom wanted to make it easier for customers to get bonus airtime as they top-up. No hassle; just 50 percent FREE EXTRA airtime given to customers every time they top-up.

So, how can you get the 50 percent airtime bonus?

Simply dial this: *444*(scratch-card pin digits)#. If it is 20 bob airtime you bought, dialling that will give you 30 bob. In other words, you get 10 bob extra on the spot. If it is Ksh50, you get Ksh75 airtime, which is 25 bob extra, just like that.  

Basically what Safaricom is giving you free airtime for just buying airtime that you will use anyway! If this is not the definition of a win-win, what else is?

And if you have already topped up via M-PESA or you are one of those people who always remember the extra airtime after you have already topped up, the trick is fairly the simple: Dial *444*2*(airtime amount you wish to get a bonus on)#  and see the magic. It is basically the code “444” and the number “2” that you need to remember. Let’s just say Safaricom is coming through for their customers and showing a level of care that ensures customers get more to talk and text as you catch up with your loved ones or colleagues. This additional value has kept me connected with my family and friends in very meaningful ways. Which is very important in these trying times.

I learnt this very simple trick just the other day. You know, these Covid-19 times have run everyone roughshod, and the holes in my pockets keep getting wider. Cash has never been scarcer. So, during a chat with my friend the other day, he intervened just when I was about to load airtime using a scratch card to call my fiancée.

Hiyo soo itatoa 150 na utabonga mob (the Ksh100 voucher will get you Ksh150 airtime and you will be able to speak more),” I remember him saying. Apparently, it has been so since June 2020. Damn, where was I all that time?

I followed his instructions and, true to the promise, I got Ksh150 that I used to catch up with my betrothed who had travelled out of town. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but that was also the day she revealed that it is a first-class honours degree that she would be getting from university. Bright girl, and thanks to “Mambo Ni OneTouch”, we can always catch up for as long as we want. Calls last longer, I keep spending less and I feel really connected to the people I value.

When I shared the info with my brothers, who are in different parts of the country, they first thought it was a ruse. Okay, sometimes I pull pranks to make them look stupid. Whenever I succeed, I tell them that whatever is between their ears is a scam, but they are usually quick to remind me that we came from the same set of parents and so I should therefore be the biggest, eldest, scam.

Anyway, they tried the top-up trick and it worked. Now we have the ‘power’ to talk with each other more and do our banter for longer.

Go try “Mambo Ni OneTouch”. Getting 50 percent free airtime from Safaricom has never been easier. Don’t be left behind. Don’t let your family and friends be behind the ‘news’ so to speak.  Thank me later.