Need help on the OdiBets platform? Here’s everything you should know


Having become popular in Kenya since 2018, OdiBets remains a household name that boasts of making winners out of sports betting enthusiasts.

Betting or gambling for sports was not popular in Kenya. However, following the entrance of OdiBets and other betting firms into the country, betting has become more entrenched in Kenyan society.

Once a person is of legal age, he or she is eligible to place bets on OdiBets.

Registration on Odibets is as simple as A, B, C. First, one has to set up an account, and with knowledge of the games that are being played, they are good to go.

From the registration process, one can proceed to place their bets on the team of their choice. Due to its popularity, many people look for OdiBets contacts. Now we’ve got you covered here.

OdiBets customer care contacts

All companies, firms and even businesses that deal with people, be it on a face-to-face basis or in any form, need to have a customer care base. Occasionally, customers find themselves not getting the best from a certain service provider and in such times, they need to contact an individual from the provider’s end. Similarly, the service providers may want to get feedback on the quality of the service they have been providing, hence they also call a number of customers to do a survey. Here are the OdiBets customer care contacts: +254 709 183 680

OdiBets Twitter handle

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms. Since its introduction into the realm of social media, it has given people the ability to directly interact with millions via a hashtag. One of the easiest ways to make sure that a Twitter handle facilitates quick and easy communication is by making the handle as simple as possible and easy to relate to the product in question. It is with this in mind that the thought placed into making the OdiBets Twitter handle, @Odibets, and the hashtag, #BetExtraODInary, should be applauded.

OdiBets Facebook page

Having steadily grown in popularity to a point where it is the biggest social media platform on earth, Facebook has transformed the way people interact with each other. It has also become a platform for business, as it gives brands the opportunity to widen their customer base.

Making a Facebook page for OdiBets was therefore inevitable. The Odibets page boasts a huge fan base. Thus, in case of any queries, one can channel them to the page.

Odibets Instagram page

Instagram (commonly abbreviated to IG or Insta)[10], is a video sharing social networking service owned by Facebook. It was started back in 2010. The app allows users to upload media that can be edited with filters and organised by hashtags and geographical tagging. We as Odibets have an Instagram page where we interact with our loyal customers. One can always contact us through the page's inbox.


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