Want free Netflix? Here’s the legit way to get it

By Nation Writer

Like a good film, I’ll cut to the chase with this one and go straight to the action on what you should do to get free Netflix in Kenya.

1. Be over 18

Yeah, you really need to be 18 and over to access this package. But don’t fret. Adults can create kids’ sub-accounts as soon as they create theirs. And there are a host of parental control features.

2. Whip out that Android phone

You’ll need an Android gadget for this. Open the Play Store and look for the Netflix app. It’s only 18MB. Download and install.

3. Key in just a couple of details

This isn’t that place where they ask for your pet’s name and ask you to decipher a gotcha and captcha and whatnot code. Here, you enter your email address, confirm you’re above 18, create a password and there you are! Before you can say “ni kama video”, you’re ready to watch the famous Netflix content on your phone.

4. Watch anything you want

What films do you love? Action? They are there in plenty. Romance? Your heart will melt with the variety. Thrillers? Say no more. Documentaries? You won’t lack something to watch. The top series in the world are also on Netflix.  By the way, I highly recommend of Army of the Dead. No spoilers, hey, but let me just say it will be worth your time.

5. Did I mention ad-free?

Oh yeah, the content you’ll be watching will come ad-free. This is what they call doing Netflix like a boss.

6. Create accounts if you wish to

At Netflix, there has always been something for everyone.  So, you can create accounts for different people to use. Your sweetheart, for example, can create a separate profile so that whenever they log on, they get recommendations based on their interests and have a more enjoyable experience. Kids can also be catered for.

7. In case you want to take this to a bigger screen…

After accessing the great shows on Netflix, I bet you’ll want to experience the content in a bigger way, probably on your laptop or smart TV. It’s not that hard to upgrade to a paying subscriber. Wewe ngalipa, ngaangalia sinema yote pale.

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