Intelligent conferencing and collaboration: Why Huawei IdeaHub is a smart choice

HUAWEI IdeaHub photo

Year 2020 has been a turbulent one. The Covid-19 epidemic has greatly disrupted enterprises that require on-site personnel, but it has also caused a rise in remote office innovations, pushing traditional workspaces into new territories.

With many enterprises encouraging remote work, vendors have jumped on this gap in the market to produce team collaboration products. And consensus is emerging that a large intelligent conferencing and collaboration board will effectively promote the creativity of remote teams and improve the overall efficiency of enterprises. Huawei is offering the Huawei IdeaHub.

Today, let’s take a look at the factors that make this product a great choice.

Remote Collaboration: Conference capability

Most of the top industry products support local and remote conference collaboration. Huawei specialises in comprehensive video conferencing technologies, and it is because of the technical accumulation that its product does not require external hardware to provide consistent 1080p 30fps video quality.

Some of the competing products provide only 720p 30fps video quality, and require that customers purchase additional hardware such as a dedicated PC, and video conferencing service. These add to the expenses.

Generally, the i5 configuration supports 720p 30fps soft-coded video conferencing, and only the i7 quad-core 8-thread configuration supports 1080p 30fps soft-coded HD video conferencing, which needs to be configured by the after-sales team.

High specifications in terms of conference capability are essential in remote collaboration application scenarios. Huawei IdeaHub is ahead of the pack in this respect.

Projection and whiteboard: Unique advantages

To assess the projection and whiteboard capabilities, the projection modes, definition, smoothness, and whiteboard collaboration are important factors.

Huawei IdeaHub provides five projection modes (wired, app, projector, NFC, and reverse control). Many of the other products in the market today provide either three or two projection modes, limiting their flexibility. In this respect, Huawei IdeaHub holds a distinct advantage because it enables more deployment modes for diverse environments.

In respect of projection definition and smoothness, Huawei IdeaHub offers a range of leading technologies to support 4K 60fps video playback, 1080p 60fps wireless dynamic video projection, and 4K ultra-HD wireless content sharing. These are top specifications.

For whiteboard, Huawei IdeaHub allows co-author whiteboard collaboration in 4k resolution, offering industry-low writing latency at 0.035s and stroke effect, making the writing experience as easy as using pen and paper.

With these, Huawei IdeaHub offers great service in terms of collaboration between devices, departments, and distances.

AI: Diverse services

In an age of universal AI, conferencing and collaboration boards have become intelligent, thanks to AI capabilities.

Huawei IdeaHub offers elaborate intelligent tracking functions. The system runs the Acoustic baffle function, which is based on exclusive algorithm developed by Huawei 2012 Laboratories. This function can intelligently block noise outside the set area for better sound quality.

As a new member to the global intelligent conferencing and collaboration board market, Huawei IdeaHub is on par with market leaders, and even outperforms them in certain key areas.

The launch of Huawei IdeaHub is the beginning of a new model of industry innovation, transforming traditional workspaces for the digital age.

More enterprises are moving their everyday business environments to Huawei’s smart office experience. The high performance of Huawei IdeaHub is making it a popular option for today, and a smart choice for the future.

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