Bank’s unique e-commerce platform that’s worth a try

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By Evans Ongwae

Geographical limitations are no longer a restriction to purchasing activities. Consumers can check out and buy items online from anywhere, and at any time.

We are living in the era of a marketing revolution fuelled by social networks. As a business, you either join the bandwagon and reap the rewards that come with being online, or lose out on a significant chunk of the market.

It is thus important to be where your customers are – not necessarily physically. More and more of these consumers want the flexibility to shop online and to pay as conveniently for their purchases.

Armed with their smartphones, laptops, tablets or even computers, and enabled by widespread internet connectivity, they order for goods from anywhere in the world. They then pay conveniently and securely, using a variety of channels.

Online shopping is now accessible to more buyers than ever before. Indeed, online transactions are becoming the norm in some parts of the world than was the case, say a decade ago.

Imagine you weave in-demand kiondos and customers in Europe, Asia, America or even Oceania happen to know and love them.

There’s a high probability that these customers first saw your goods online. Maybe you have a website with images of your beautiful kiondos. Or you placed an online advert that they clicked on, and, voila! They got in touch with you. They may have seen pictures on your social sites – maybe your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter or YouTube.

When you place your business online, anyone anywhere in the world can see it. You attain global reach.

A supplier near your place will notice your business and offer to deliver raw materials faster and cost-effectively. Isn’t that good for your business?

Wouldn’t you love it if more customers from all over the world can easily, conveniently access your goods or services?

If you intend to take your business online, you definitely have an e-commerce plan in place. You expect to trade online once the enquiries start flowing in. How can people make payments to you? How can you make payments safely and conveniently to your suppliers?

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya notes that accepting online payments opens the door for more customers to buy your products or services. This is because they wouldn’t feel restricted by the mode of payment for their purchases.

The bank supports merchants by enabling them to make online card payments via Chapa Pay, its e-commerce solution.

Chapa Pay allows you to receive online card payments from your customers directly into your Co-op Bank account.

Solution for merchants without a website

Should you not have a website, you can still receive online card payments through this Co-op Bank e-commerce solution. Plus, you don’t pay for the integration. How does this work?

You receive a unique link (Pay-By-Link), which you will use to invoice their customers. For details, contact Co-Op Bank through the following:

Email: [email protected]  | Tel:  +254-711 049 406 (8am-5pm) or 0703 027 000 (24/7)

You can also contact Co-operative Bank through its social media channels

Facebook: coopbankenya 

Twitter: Coopbankenya

Instagram: coopbankenya


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