Introducing the battery your car, bus or truck needs

Photo credit: Chloride Exide

By Evans Ongwae

Imagine being stranded in the middle of the night on a poorly lit road, miles away from the nearest garage. In any case, it is at night, and so garages are closed.

You frantically wave down passing motorists to come to your aid, but none of them stops, for obvious reasons. It is risky. They think you are trying to lure them into being robbed. Being aware of this angers you. Knowing that the reason for your predicament is the battery annoys you even more. It is kaput.

You had left in a hurry and had failed to have it checked and fed with the necessary liquids before embarking on your trip. Now it has suddenly died on you.

You engage yourself in an angry soliloquy: “Why didn’t I listen to my neighbour the other day when he advised that I should get a maintenance-free battery? I’d be home by now!”

To any motorist, the thought of being caught up in such a scenario is scary, especially in these times when crime rates are high. Aware of this, automotive batteries manufacturer, Chloride Exide, offers durable, maintenance-free range of batteries.

Now the company has introduced a new one: The Ultrapower Premium Maintenance-Free Battery. This battery, the company indicates, packs plenty of energy to take a motorist through long journeys.

The battery is recommended for all models of vehicles, be they old or new; for private or for commercial use.

As Chloride Exide explains, Ultrapower Premium Maintenance-Free Battery “is powerful enough to power the vehicle in idling state, for example while in total traffic gridlock; stopping at traffic lights; waiting while parked outside a business or residence; waiting for children outside schools; taxi waiting for customer or otherwise stationary with the engine running”.

The battery comes with an 18-month warranty. That alone carries much weight. For more information about this premium car battery, check out this link.


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