Celebrating a long journey that makes Ardhi Sacco stronger, wiser

Ardhi Sacco

Word from the National Chairman: Jonathan K. Cheruiyot

We are marking the 50th birthday of our society – a very special day in our calendar.

As the 8th chairman of Ardhi Sacco Society Ltd, I am profoundly happy for our pioneer members who sacrificed their monthly salaries to form this great society.

In the 50 years of our journey, we have experienced both exciting and dramatic changes – from political to economic, legal, social, and technological shifts, to the recent unprecedented challenge of Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, as in the last 50 years, today and tomorrow, we shall continue to adapt, evolve and thrive.

Ardhi Sacco Society was formed on October 5, 1971 by employees of the Ministry of Lands and Settlement (currently the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning). At that time, each member contributed a minimum of Ksh20.

By December 31, 1972, the society had registered 746 members with a share capital of Ksh193,000 and a loan portfolio of Ksh181,000. Later, due to transfers within the ministries and the effects of liberalisation, the society opened the common bond to allow membership from across the board.

I am happy to report now that the registered members are 24,392 since inception, but due to retrenchment, retirement and natural attrition, active membership is 8,500. The share capital and members’ deposits is Ksh1,607,807,000, while the loan portfolio is Ksh1,706,320,000. We have an asset base of Ksh2.1 billion.

The society has continued to allocate loans in a timely manner. They include emergency, school fees and development loans. Families have developed, graduates produced, health improved, homes constructed, investment opportunities exploited, and living standards improved, through our support. We have been in many homes in every corner of the country. We have invested more in technology, infrastructure, education, people and systems to make us continuously better.

In 1999, the society opened its front office activity at its headquarters at Survey of Kenya, Ruaraka, Nairobi, when commercial banks were still largely inaccessible to the common man. This helped our members to access banking services directly.  Later in the year 2002, we opened another branch at Ardhi House.

Since then, the society has adopted key innovations, such as Pesa Pepe (mobile banking), M-Ardhi Loan (mobile loans) and other attractive FOSA products like ordinary Savings Account, Biashara Account, Junior Savers Account, Holiday Account, Retirement Account, Instant Advances and Jaza Jaza facility (top-ups).

In the 50-year journey, the society has continued to co-exist and interact well with other Sacco organisations and apex bodies such as the Co-operative Insurance Company (CIC), KUSCCO, Co-operative Bank of Kenya, Co-operative Alliance of Kenya (CAK) and not forgetting the Department of Co-operative Development for guidance, as well as SASRA, the regulator, for oversight. We thank all for the support.

To effectively manage members’ affairs, the society operates 38 established branches spread out across the country. The branches handle members queries locally and represent their views during the annual general meetings, and in accordance with the society by-Laws.

The Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, Delegates and Staff have worked well as a team that has ensured this milestone growth and success of our society. As we celebrate this memorable occasion, we remain keen to continue moving this society forward.


From the Chief Executive Officer: John B. M. Muthamia

It’s an exciting year at Ardhi Sacco Society. We are celebrating the 50th Anniversary. We salute the 50 years. It has been quite a journey since 1971.

I feel delighted and honoured as we celebrate this historical moment of our Sacco’s existence. Ardhi Sacco Society was registered on October 5, 1971 originally operating at Jogoo House (B), but due to growth, it migrated to our current Survey Field Headquarters in Ruaraka, Nairobi, on Thika superhighway.

Since that excellent voluntary work of the first Board, Supervisory Committee, dedicated employees and members who entrust us as their financial partner, Ardhi Sacco Society has continued to flourish over five decades and has served more than 24,000 members in its common bond. We that all for the support.

As I look back on our very humble beginnings, I am mindful of the people who had a great impact on where this Sacco is today, by laying a strong foundation. I pay homage to the founders who came up with the idea of forming Ardhi Sacco Society Limited under the common bond of the Ministry of Lands and Settlement then.

Much has changed in the last 50 years, but our focus remains steadfast.  Ardhi Sacco Society represents a vibrant and real alternative to many traditional and modern financial services.  Our pledge to lower interests, fees and better service are the same today as it was in 1971. 

Strategically, the society shall continue to be agile and ready to take care of your needs for the next 50 years. Let’s celebrate a half-century of hope and opportunity for empowerment.

We could never have grown to where we are today without the selfless efforts of our pioneers and the support of our member-owners, various partners and community. For that, we are thankful.

In 1971, it may have been beyond our founders’ visions that this small Sacco would become the thriving organisation it is today. Ardhi Sacco is a flourishing and vibrant member-centred, full-service Sacco. It is structured as a member-focused co-operative, governed by a volunteer board, managed by professional staff, engaging partners and going beyond mere compliance.

It is a values-based organisation striving to live out its legacy of ARDHI (Accuracy, Responsive, Diversity, Humility and Integrity).

After 50 years, our mission is still on target and our focus continues to provide affordable financial products and services at the highest level of service, while assuring the long-term growth and financial security of the Sacco as a whole.

We are dedicated to the philosophy that people come first, as well as better processes and listening to the voice of customers. This shall continue to serve us well throughout the next 50 years.

Our vision for the future is to create value for our members… every day. We want long term relationships, not just membership accounts.

We want to provide always an exciting experience. You are welcome to join us. Please recommend Ardhi Sacco Society to your family, friends and co-workers.

Welcome and we build one million Sacco membership by 2071.

Thank you all for your contributions to our success. I also earnestly request you all to ensure legacy of good works endures. We Salute 50 years of great stories. God bless you.


From the chairman of the supervisory committee: John O. Laku

As we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of our Society, let us continue helping our members to promote the culture of saving regularly, borrowing wisely, investing carefully and paying back promptly.

We hope that you can look back on your time as Ardhi Sacco members, with fondness and good memories. Members have educated their children, bought land, built houses and driven vehicles as a result of partnership with Ardhi Sacco.

It takes only one to make a difference. Our pioneers thought through this great idea and left behind a movement that has put smiles on current and former members.

Let us all rejoice together, keeping in mind not to let the Sacco founders down. Thank you members. Be the architects for tomorrow.


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